Drupa2008: Automation of gauss international explanation pressworks new way
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On May 29, 2008 - on June 11, american gauss international is hit " presswork new way " catchword, with throughout history the biggest ginseng exhibits an area to appear on Deluba 2008, the author had favour to interview gauss international presiding apparitor Mr Bob Brown.

This Deluba is exhibited on the meeting, gauss company rolled out the printing machine of innovation achievement M600-Folia of automation respect ceremoniously; In addition the gauss of web printing machine with the 2860 wide millimeter that exhibit first - Sunday5000, once exhibited to gain the favour of Italian Mazzucchelli company, get sth done without any letup signed whole world head two order for goods; In exhibit a core position, distinctive Goss Web CenterTM realized the join between the system goodly, reduced waste, shortened switch on the mobile phone preparative time and presswork time... , the research and development that can say gauss international comes in mechanical, electron, number, automation and network respect for years tries hard, got be releasinged goodly on the Deluba 2008, harvested satisfaction showpiece achievement, the thematic idea that explained its to advocate with its real operation " presswork new way " .

In the spot we see set an example, the AutoplateTM that this machine uses is full automatic the changeover that changes edition technology to finish forme inside the time that does not arrive 3 minutes, see from which contemporary presswork the Gao Yin that when the enterprise is produced, emphasizes is brushed quality, fast switch on the mobile phone preparative time and small loss, it with double at sheet piece paper black-and-white manufactures efficiency, become the target that numerous audience click of the tongue highly praises. This one technology reachs cycle sheet piece paper pressworks elite derive of the technology at a suit, changing traditional cycle can be cycle only, odd piece can be odd only piece presswork idea, be as high as 30000 hourly Zhang Shuang face pressworks, with a kind new way is company creation to go out inside limited time the biggest the value that change. If distribute stock efficient hind treatment facilities can make the efficiency of this equipment develops acme.

Gauss international entered China 1994, the commercial cycle facility that there is 60% on Chinese market at present comes from at gauss, signing up for industry cycle respect is to have indispensable place more. Face very broad China market, mr Brown is confident, although opened year of China to presswork 2008,he is mentioned the market encountered not little impact, those who be like price of RMB exchange rate, raw material rise, the rise of cost of resource of the adjustment of custom duty of imports and exports, manpower is waited a moment, but this challenge that is the near future, long-term come to those who take a fancy to a country presswork the market still was full of an opportunity. Face Chinese market, mr Brown expresses to had exhibited this Deluba the most advanced technology on the meeting to introduce China at present, established powerful gauss group, undertake sell and serving, believe the Chinese print that serves as main industry is sure to have a good future.
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