Without printing machine of needle of be favored with 3 large dominant positions
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Browse when you when newspaper, can ever you take care a pinhole of newspaper brim? It is cycle engine go up hold hackle to will imprint taste the mark that when conveying to folding machine compose, leaves, there is crucial effect in holding hackle to run quickly in cycle printing machine. But the negative effect that the place that hold a pin produces also nots allow to ignore, the paper waste that brings about because of its makes a person shocking; With 890 cycle printing machine (belt hold a pin) for exemple, with compare without printing machine of the cycle that hold a pin, switch on the mobile phone 1 hour to waste the white scrip of many pieces of 10 thousand 890mmX10mm about, want to waste 300 thousand pieces about everyday, the white scrip value that wastes 1 year 100 thousand multivariate.

Presswork for the industry, the gain 10 years ago is quite sizable still, devoted flexibility is big, buy station printing machine, rise to make money. Now nowadays, this already made the history, presswork to already entered small profit period. Face this one current situation, many pressworking the enterprise makes great efforts on managing cost, while the enterprise is seeking benefit, how to reduce resource and the sources of energy to use up the new thinking that makes company progress, also become the basis that the industry survives. A few enterprises from make at all, the attention is energy-saving, practice strict economy, in fall the make an issue of on low consumption.

Xing Longyin brushed what mechanical limited company develops to satisfy the requirement of the user without printing machine of the cycle that hold a pin.

1. On managing paper make an issue of

Use without hold a needle to presswork the technology changes hold a needle to pull paper to enter foldout process ahead, roller of the paper that it is a short slender pointed piece of metal pushs paper to take slideway foldout kind ahead. Every pieces of paper is managing the scrip of 10mm, stay on web directly, 890 machines every presswork 62 pieces of newspaper, managing a piece of white paper. 850 machines every presswork 58 pieces of newspaper are managing a piece of white paper. Every machine can be an user every year managing the cost of 100 thousand yuan of above.

2. Reducing time of fluctuation of specific power consumption

Adopt multistage speed change, change moment of force. Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, reduce lead plane electric machinery, achieve section report goal. Without engine of the cycle that hold a pin advocate electric machinery, more managing than traditional cycle printing machine 1 / 2 or so electric power, achieve energy-saving goal thereby.

3. Rising the renovation is done on foldout quality

Because this machine divides paper knife in folding machine platen,180 degrees of place are added additionally held an impress knife, in foldout in seam hit foldout of travel of one striation reentry first, divide outside can raising foldout accuracy, return profit at eduction of the air between printed sheet, make the product is folded more closely solid.
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