See the offset print on Deluba innovate for the technology of Chinese ink system
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When machinery speed already cannot be surmounted, offset press manufacturer must focus attention in each link of equipment interior, those who be like printing machine is fast change edition time, presswork colour and cover accurate quick implementation to wait, extremely the fast work that shows printing machine as far as possible and the functional respect that answer neatly, reach with satisfying short edition to presswork change often imprint need, suit thereby presswork the client is living the change on an amount and delivery time.

Here goes up a few times to grab the system of short Mo Lu of the eye quite in Deluba to everybody introduction, system of route of short Chinese ink is beardless before the Chinese ink of many divide evenly, roller that string together Chinese ink, need roller of 3-5 root Chinese ink only, very simple printing ink is delivered can deliver printing ink equably forme platen to go up, saved divide evenly Chinese ink time, fast finish presswork preparation, decreased to had switched on the mobile phone the use of edition paper, the deliver and avoided printing ink waste that because do not have overmuch printing ink,returns at the same time.

Road of short Chinese ink of KBA reticulation roller loses Chinese ink unit

KBA is the manufacturer of offset print equipment that uses road of reticulation roller short Chinese ink the earliest to be defeated by Mo Fang type on offset press. This equipment was used soft imprint the Mo Lu form of reticulation roller, leave out the traditional plant that send handwriting or painting, reduced Mo Gun's amount finally 1. At present road of short Chinese ink of this reticulation roller is defeated by Chinese ink device to already pressworked in the anhydrous of KBA use on equipment, the equipment that installs road of Chinese ink of this reticulation roller on Deluba amounts to equipment of 74 Gravuflow, 74 Karat DI and black-and-white of Cortina4 stage anhydrous surely for Genius 52 UV, benefit, its rise greatly in respect of environmental protection sex.

Road of short Chinese ink of roller of tall treasure reticulation loses Chinese ink unit

Road of short Chinese ink of roller of tall treasure reticulation loses Chinese ink unit

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