Muti_function the advantage of cycle printing machine and main application
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Presswork currently the market is one is full of breed changeful, impression decreases, to pressworking craft asks cycle of tall, production is short the market that waits for an element. Liberal at pressworking traditionally craft is mixed means, it is client and market originally to pressworking the ceaseless requirement of the enterprise. Muti_function the occurrence of cycle printing machine, improved performance of past cycle engine onefold, craft is simple, presswork dimension is fixed wait for blemish, cycle engine presswork the technology increased a brand-new field, satisfied the need of the market further.

Muti_function cycle engine is OK collect the craft after a variety of pressworking and imprinting at a suit, resemble making the same score imprint, sunken imprint < include line sunken imprint > , soft imprint, the net imprints etc presswork means, and the model is cut, bronzing, laminating, pressure protruding, foldout, cut into parts cut and dry etc imprint aftertreatment craft, efficient the ground is finished presswork complexly treatment business.

A variety of technology are used on a printing machine, it is the demand of the market, also be the direction that business of printing machine production tries hard all the time. Although this is planted,the technology has already, but the limitation as a result of the technology, cannot add unit arbitrarily, do not have revolutionary development all the time. Current, as the development of the technology that do not have an axis, make muti_function the base that cycle engine had development, muti_function cycle engine is assembling a variety of pressworking craft respect, had bigger play room.

Compare with traditional cycle engine, muti_function the diversification side that the characteristic of cycle engine reflects its function. Traditional cycle engine function is singler, smooth like what be used at publishing an industry imprint cycle engine, make the same score only imprint one kind pressworks onefold craft, can presswork on paper only, presswork dimension is fixedder also, cannot suit imprint the demand of a diversification. And muti_function the ability that cycle engine gets used to the market more? , can the demand according to the market, increase different printer art, can bear imprint different material, presswork length can vary freely more agile also.

Muti_function of cycle engine appear, can satisfy the market a variety of demand to presswork, be like next characteristics:

1, a variety of craft are compositive

Printer of avery kind of art, have the characteristic that art place does not have other printer, also can have from already weakness. In the meantime, market demand should presswork again the factory can have a variety of printer art, be aimed at the special requirement of different presswork, use first-rate craft is combined, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, achieve first-rate to presswork the effect. Special like De Lan - the printing machine of company of case shellfish Er
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