Gao Baogong manages label of RFID of have the aid of optimizes paper content to
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To pressworking greatly for the enterprise, the paper content of enterprise interior sheds the substantial that is influence company competition ability. The personage inside course of study knows, to sheet piece paper pressworks for, controlling enterprise interior to retain the exact position of paper tray is a special a Gordian knot, and also be very the problem that expends cost, and this kind of cost often by people place oversight. Now, tall treasure company rolled out a perfect solution: Use wireless identifying system, what offer enterprise interior automatically to put paper is accurate, real time information.

In the Deluba that just ends 2008 exhibit on the meeting, company of German tall treasure (KBA) rolled out the PileTronic system with unique industry, this kind of system is OK the paper thing that 100% ground run enterprise interior automatically flows, offer comprehensive electron to dog file. The Simatic RF600 RFID that the core of this kind of technology is Xi Menzi company passes feeling system.

The first job of RFID system is self-recording goods and project. Cooperate to it through MIS system, can record full relevant processing data, at the same time intelligence changes this kind of processing, this makes this kind of technology certain full play gives effectiveness to will bring enormous economic benefits. In this system, simatic RF-Manager fills the action before an intermediary, it is being acted read / the part of the person that write the transition between device and IT lead plane.

To a lot of presswork enterprise, master enterprise interior content to shed the state of reliable, real time with inventory, be very important while also very the thing of costly. Because the manufacturing rate of printing machine is different, because live,also be at the same time changeover, when production is finished, classics regular meeting remains a few paper. These paper need new put in storage, namely this process, make reach poor odds rises greatly. The issue that brings from this is: You may waste very long time to seek the paper that does not have at all, because printing machine is used at presswork and stopping without paper machine wait for makings, you must urgent purchase with lash-up. All these, can affect the time that you deliver the goods badly. And the cost that through optimizing storage and enterprise interior content shedding brings is managing, often be ignored by people place however.

The PileTronic system of tall treasure company is the technology of an innovation sex, it is OK and harmonious large presswork the paper content inside the factory flows, the record has been used up and put the exact number that takes paper.

This system arrives from paper presswork to begin of the factory to act well momently then. Each paper can stick label of intelligence of 2 Simatic RF630L, use means of wireless radio frequency, the RF660R in the system is read / those who write device to will record paper battlements is accurate identify information. The paper of put in storage still will fall in this information, size of record amount, contract, norms and gram are heavy wait for concerned details data. After paper is used, concerned data will be written afresh, all what these data will make pair of paper is complete track.
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