Bill pressworks a few medium kinds of commonly used ground lines prevent bogus
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Bill is to pass safe black-and-white means to make a kind when make contain the content such as lines of character, design, number, ground, valuable or the presswork that has denomination. It has use function not only, and have direct or indirect function of cost, authoritative sex reachs precious move, belong to special presswork. As a result of the special function of bill, accordingly, presswork with the money similar, bill pressworks in the application of the technology that prevent bogus is very fundamental. More commonly used bill prevents bogus method to paper prevents bogus, printing ink to prevent bogus, presswork means prevents bogus, presswork design prevents bogus to wait. Among them setting ground lines prevents bogus to design is a when design prevents bogus main component, also be current bill a kind of way with better effect of the application in pressworking. Differ with general color print products, bill is the presswork of gravity of a kind of function, character and number are the main body of bill, and design is much appear with the form of lines of inconspicuous setting ground, and prevent make it of setting ground lines normally bogus effect, already beautiful prevent bogus again. Additional, it is a foundation with computer number technology, founder company development went Founder to exceed a line to prevent bogus to design a system, use a design technically to prevent bogus ground lines.

The grain end the security that designs by software transcending a line is undertake by many vector line irregular be out of shape reach specially good effect to handle and get, the design that prevent bogus is finished in plate making, come true in presswork, do not need to raise the additional finished cost that make. The woof that forms ground lines is the line with diverse degree of finish, these line are had prevent duplicate function, the reason is ground lines classics after take a picture or scanning, the picture of lattice of vector line translate into with different degree of finish, what can create graph and colour news is many and missing, can no more show the pattern of primary line. When undertaking modification, face so complex and changeful line, want to revise also do not know how to start, the person that make make a holiday does not have an opportunity given by. Besides ground lines lines outside preventing duplicate function, itself of safe ground lines also has the remarkable function that prevent bogus. Ground lines but Protean, form all sorts of graphs, and can amid joins all sorts of number that prevent bogus, the flower that be like a group, anaglyph, shrink small wait for the general effect that prevent bogus, still have a lock, break off the professional effect preventing bogus such as the line, but can small, facilitate identify, in suiting to presswork in bill very much, use.

1, common ground lines

Common ground lines includes ground lines, group commonly flower and lacy.

Ground lines is to show those are put in presswork content most next, use the figure that becomes setting purely. It is by line the element is undertaken iteration metabolic, those who form is continuous grain sth resembling a net. In bill in pressworking, always be by presswork the first group of lubricious foreword of the front will come true. The characteristic of ground lines is to abound variational, use a few extremely fine color shallow the base map that thin line forms a simple but elegant. Round flower is all sorts of modelling with the flower are basic form, the density that cooperates line, degree of finish, radian and colorific change, undertake is out of shape appropriately reaching exaggerated processing, form administrative levels clarity, line is beautiful, the flower record figure of the independent figuration with fluent outline. Round beautiful effect can be used alone, also can be united in wedlock with other effect photograph, produce admirable visual result thereby. Lacy be by or the hollow frame figure that element of a few line has duplicating continuously formation. Have whole sealing type and half enclosed, have monolayer lacy with double deck lacy. As a result of characteristic of formative of type of lacy itself frame, it often does not presswork with other content jackknife, its colour is so OK in a way is bright beautiful a few, in bill action of many circumjacent illuminative in pressworking.
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