Drupa 2008: See offset press how improve manufacturing efficiency
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Appreciation pressworks is the noun with the most popular in last few years print, implementation appreciation pressworks have two kinds of ways: Improve manufacturing efficiency, increase product value. To satisfy appreciation black-and-white two fields requirement, offset press must have corresponding development. This second on exhibition, supplier of each big offset press is sufficient below this respect kongfu, develop its latest technology eagerly.

1. offset print automation

Of automation level rise but utmost ground decreases presswork preparative time, shorten thereby imprint handling time, improve the work efficiency of offset press.

From Drupa we can see, at present the more commonly used automatic device on offset press has measure self-adjusting system, automatic work automatically for Chinese ink system and Chinese ink change program, muti_function clean device of system, glazing to clear automatically system, common forme and glazing forme change automatically device and synchronism change edition technology, .

2. is double-faced offset print technology

Every exhibit meeting equipment supplier to be able to reveal its newest improved double-faced offset press. Current, supplier of equipment of on the world a few big offset press has the double-faced offset press of this kind of structure. The offset press of this kind of structure can live according to pressworking a choice is bosseyed and polychromatic presswork or perfecting is brushed, for example, 1-4 printing machine can presswork bosseyed 5 kinds, or openly monochromatic, rear 4 kinds, make thereby medium or small presswork the enterprise can use less device to answer more product type.

3. pressworks width of cloth

Exceed sheet of old width of cloth piece market of paper offset print obtained flying development, on Drupa2008, company of Manluolan, Haidebao, tall treasure rolled out him in succession exceed sheet of old width of cloth piece paper offset press. Exceeded printing machine of old width of cloth to improve manufacturing efficiency on the one hand not only, on the other hand, its quality can be rivalled with cycle engine photograph. If width of cloth is the Manluolan of 8,900XXL and tall treasure benefit amount to the manufacturing efficiency of 205 to all can be mixed surely the commercial cycle photograph of 16 pages is rivalled, and quality is apparently high.

In addition, the automatic device configuration of offset press of these old width of cloth also begins to appear, wait like device of the automatic turn-over device, treatment that connect a line, benefit is amounted to surely 142, have retroflexion automatically function, have logistic pilot to take paper, stand receiving paper at the same time, deserve to have RFID chip (benefit is amounted to surely 162 also deserve to have) at the same time, so that presswork,the factory can in time dog the use circumstance of paper, circumstance that take paper, huge avoided what do not match and cause because of paper model to presswork on the hair of error phenomenon.
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