The development existing state of affairs of system of UV solidify printing ink
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Editor's note: Previously, we undertake offset print on plastic film when, what basically use is the join makings that is based on mineral oil. But as presswork processing factory of factory, goods and terminal client ask to printing ink function rise, UV printing ink replaces oil radical printing ink gradually. In the article, we mix the current situation to system of these two kinds of printing ink technical innovation has detailed introduction.

Current, the synthetic material such as plastic film and other not absorbency bear imprint content is pressworking domain, use oftener and oftener in offset print domain especially. And we want to apply a domain to find an appropriate offset print printing ink for these system, must make this system has the following characteristics:

The printability with good 1. ;

2. is in the better moving character on high speed printing machine;

3. is in not absorbency bear imprint the adherent force on content and be able to bear or endure scratch sex.

With most paper and chipboard bear imprint what content differs is, the exterior structure of plastic film does not allow printing ink to permeate, make printing ink more impossibly fast and dry. In addition, the embellish edition liquid that uses in flat offset print also can is opposite the dry process of oil radical printing ink produces an effect. Accordingly, good water handwriting or painting is the crucial factor that affects dry process evenly. For this, people specially development went to be used at synthesis bear imprint the oil of content base printing ink, it not only can satisfy special technical requirement, and can assure a product presswork quality. But, fast and dry, safety piles up, adherent force and defying the compromise between each function such as abrasiveness still is a difficult problem that oil radical printing ink faces at present.

And the inadequacy that the characteristic of UV solidify technology can make up for oil radical printing ink to go up in afore-mentioned problems fitly: Its Chinese ink film can be seasonable solidify, suffer the effect of amount of embellish edition fluid scarcely, and can machine fast ready-made for sequel.

The UV solidify printing ink that upgrade

Be arrived to presswork by the introduction first when system of UV printing ink in the industry and when, it often is mixed as a result of the expression owing beautiful on offset press add the problem of exert oneself and get the doubt of people. But now, use new-style raw material through reforming printing ink recipe is mixed, people eliminated the corrupt practice that exists in traditional UV printing ink successfully.

The printability of UV printing ink

Wait to plastic film not absorbency bear imprint content, embellish edition fluid cannot be permeated at all bear imprint substance appearance, accordingly, printing ink of generation UV piles up very easily to go up in platen, forme and mackintosh, cause serious quality problem thereby. At this moment, we rely on good water handwriting or painting to improve the printability of printing ink evenly with respect to need. Printing ink of new generation UV had stronger absorption force, and the ground that provided larger use force for embellish edition fluid.
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