Technical comparing goes all out: Deluba 2008 those who go up is automatic trade
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One is lifted on the Deluba this year full automatic change the sina tide of edition, synchronism changes edition device automatically to be able to promote switch on the mobile phone quickly preparative time, it is the testimony of direction of equipment automation control. A few introduce to everybody here newest exhibiting model trades edition unit automatically.

Hai Debao: AutoPlate XL automatic synchronism changes edition system

Sea heart fort is full automatic synchronism changes edition system AutoPlate XL to be able to realize the control of operation navigation system in printing machine to fall to finish those who include the exiting of old edition, new edition automatically to enter, alignment, close pressure and the operation such as Zhang Jin. At the same time all unit forme platen are met when page make-up turn same and phasic in order to undertake synchronous page make-up, consequently overall change the time of edition to be able to shorten.

Gao Bao: Synchronism of Drive Tronic SPC is changed edition actuating device

System of Gao Bao Drive Tronic SPC can make all forme change at the same time inside the time that is not worth a minute end, it is OK and synchronous undertake parameter set, mackintosh is cleaned wait for the job, at the same time Drive Tronic independent actuating device can replace original model in suffer easily wear away and oscillatory component, be like the intermediate drive component of gear and clutch and so on. Make clear according to the test that Gao Baogong manages, the systematic preparation time of the facility that provides unit of Drive Tronic SPC can decrease 14% . And go up in Deluba, in the process that 106 spots demonstrate Gao Bao, 15 work presswork inside the time that created 59 minutes of 36 seconds, among them every live a new record that includes 520 eligible printed sheet.

Gauss: Autoplate trades edition unit automatically

It is OK that the Autoplate of gauss trades edition unit automatically when move in printing machine or biding his time, live the next in the edition case that forme puts on press group. Living after imprinting, operation personnel should press pushbutton to be able to be started only change edition operation. It can go up in all press groups or be change at the same time on a few press groups among them edition. Changed the time of edition and the labor intensity that operate personnel to decrease apparently, cover accurate more accurate also. Operation personnel is liberated to come out, go finishing other to switch on the mobile phone preparative operation. Change the time that 8 pieces of forme on offset press of M-600 of a 4 aircrew web need to be less than 3 minutes only, and also need not cut off web.

Manluolan: APL manipulator changes edition system automatically

APL (automatic page make-up) the system that is the innovation that Manluolan rolls out, the arm of 4 axes machinery that uses KUKA robot group to make, fixed position error amounts to 0.01mm accurately. Robot installation is in of average printing machine guide paper is worn on, arm of machinery of device of automatic page make-up holds a forme that has placed good place beforehand, two vacuum suction nozzle takes out forme from inside edition storehouse, as mechanical arm gracefully extend leaves come, put forme in the position that edition clip system takes over. Forme locates the orgnaization secures good forme automatically.
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