Presswork the application that the technology shows the industry is medium in LC
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Among FPD industry, liquid crystal and plasma their presswork a kind of what kind of current situation is the technology? There are a lot of kinds to presswork among industry technology, it is close development especially come out presswork newly technology, make simple introduction here.

STN begins to use match to the technology related film, after this this kind of technology gets extensive use. Match in application to film later begin to appear to often press thick film to presswork now, this kind of technology is compared in European progress especially fast, had used in great quantities now. About offset print of form of intaglio printing, it is use metal printing ink, undertake on glass with the metal design pressworks directly namely. For instance 65 inches PDP, it can go up in vitreous substrate directly undertake pressworking, such times had come now. Additional, still C/F pressworks like design of element smooth block, dot draw straight edition turns write presswork etc. In ink-jet printing device this one domain has a lot of kinds of technologies, also begin to presswork to metallic printing ink now, ITO pressworks etc, the means of ink jet also begins increasing appearance to change. Still laser stiletto pressworks directly device, be in NAKAN company now, with high polymer multilayer design of velar surface layer makes a technology, adopt design to presswork in surface layer finally namely, this technology now is more advanced technology.

Presswork about flexographic plate

Flexographic plate pressworks the technology has sunken imprint, flexographic plate, offset print, webby, letterpress pressworks 5 kinds of methods, among them letterpress pressworks basically is to publishing a domain, cannot apply between FPD industry, 4 kinds of methods had been in other be able to apply extensively among FPD industry.

Sunken imprint: A kind when be gravure, printing ink of hairstyle of use dissolvent evaporate, mediate outstandingly reach shade to behave force. The freedom that printing ink chooses is spent big. Have presswork the effect is good, the choice of printing ink is spent freely wait for a feature greatly.

Flexographic plate pressworks: A kind when be relief printing, edition material uses balata or sensitive resin. Presswork pressure is little; The liquidity of use printing ink is good; Solvent is dry a bit slow, the oil that needs to use easy volatile dissolvent is black. Have can accomplish on smaller print all presswork into film character, but the feature that fine writing damages easily.

Offset print: Use at paper to presswork, use at all sorts of pressing plate paper to presswork alive especially. Because presswork,be boil in printing ink between undertake, printing ink needs to have fluidity and mobile sex; Use dissolvent evaporates rate is a bit slow, cannot soak adhesive plaster; Can use special printing ink (hear resistance printing ink, UV printing ink) undertake pressworking. Have offset print to be a page type to presswork for the most part, apply to the feature that simple, small lot produces plate making.
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