Offset print connects a line the current situation of cold very hot technology a
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In recent years, market of traditional offset print has tended maturity is saturated even, market space is less and less, competition is more and more intense also. Seek the profit point of growth beyond business of traditional offset print to had been become presswork the company grows the inevitable alternative with sustainable business ability continuously. In this kind big environment falls, appreciation pressworks become in recent years most popular industry language. Appreciation pressworks is two-way strategy, increase production namely efficiency and increase product value. Raise manufacturing efficiency watch to shorten now handling time and reduce manufacturing cost; Raise product value watch to improve product quality now, production goes out characteristic, discrepant imprints article. To satisfy appreciation black-and-white two fields requirement, offset print function offers appreciation black-and-white add function must increasing, automation degree must taller and taller. Press even the line imprint even if realize appreciation black-and-white effectively a kind of solution. The article will discuss offset print to connect a line in the round cold very hot technology.

Offset print connects a line cold very hot development

The Manluolan on Drupa2004 rolls out offset print ceremoniously to connect a line first cold very hot solution, subsequently, this technology gets great attention, get rapid development. This innovation technology is not only presswork the enterprise brings higher profit, also extended scope of business at the same time, bring very big advantage for relevant industry. Accordingly, on August 15, 2006, of Manluolan cold very hot technology has the honor to win even the line by PIA/GATF (association of American printer trade / presswork technical committee member) the industrial 2006 year InterTech that has reputation extremelyTMTechnical award.

Nearly two years, supplier of other and banner offset print equipment also rolls out the offset press that has this technology in succession, make offset print connects a line cold hot market lifts billows again. Company of sea heart fort is in its are classical type fast bully CD74 and fast bully cold very hot module also was deployed on CD102 series offset press, 70 ~ 400g/m can is in ration2any one kind bear imprint iron on content imprint, label, pack and commerce pressworks the enterprise can apply this technology to satisfy the market to be opposite high grade imprint the demand that tastes exterior groom craft. 2007 China (Guangdong) international pressworks on technical exhibition, heart fort revealed the sea technically still to deploy even the line of cold very hot module fast bully CD102-5 offset press, attracted the personage inside numerous course of study to stop wait-and-see.

The KBA CF of tall treasure company (tinsel is cold very hot) online production unit can realize impress to reach very hot imprint craft, satisfy high quality label and requirement of production of the black-and-white that pack, and pass the pattern that photograph of as concave and convex as tinsel embossing, screen printing sets eliminate existing equipment to shaping the limitation of diversity, relevant type can provide this unit.
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