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Came a few years in the past, presswork preparative time is decreasing quickly. Because printing ink changes the occurrence of edition and other innovation function set, automatically beforehand, live from turn to next work the process can be only inside 10 minutes finish. With respect to this one topic, the businessman of printing machine production of a few top level is prominent introduced to suit to produce cycle short, presswork the work with a little number technology. As Deluba international pressworks of fair of the trade that reach paper hold, the industry can expect to see more technologies progress. This edition was compiled " the United States pressworks person " this year the 4th period relevant content, with satisfying an industry need.

Small dark: Faster, bigger, more intelligence

Small dark the sheet of American company piece paper product manager Mr Doug Schardt thinks short edition is vivid share number is in decrease continuously. Although the technology is in,obtain respect of efficiency of the biggest production to have conclusive place, but manager people also cannot look on indifferently. He says: "Some is had 4 or although the typographer of 5 old equipment bought a full automatic printing machine, general also won't because of new affiliation printing machine and raise manufacturing level. It is like like be the same as a horse race that is surrounded by able-bodied draught horse. " small dark the client of the company can be enjoyed " checkup " , ensure its equipment has highest locomotive efficiency thereby.

Artificial intelligence will continue to turn printing machine to accurate and complex new standard. Schardt says: "Although printing machine cannot think, but they can be based on data to make a choice. But they can be based on data to make a choice..

Deluba is small dark the Lithrone SX40 of the company was offerred show arena. This equipment rate is as high as 18000 pieces / hour, can presswork fabric width is 41 inches paper. Begin when Lithrone SX40 with 12000 pieces / when the speed of the hour pressworks, can abundantly saves time and paper. Schardt says: "When printing machine is being quickened, printing ink and water won't be stable. Once speed achieves 12000 pieces / hour, approached device traversal speed, begin to just calculate to paper right now consequently reasonable. Begin to just calculate to paper right now consequently reasonable..

Full automatic changed edition function to come true to change inside 2 minutes 6 forme, move ceaselessly at the same time except forme. Control all getting on through using Chinese ink function, air and set accurate beforehand the software of set, can save further presswork preparative time.

Small dark by need changeover to exhibit a stage to will be in its are odd piece what height class interface reveals on paper printing machine is small dark KHS-AI (presswork quickly mix colors system) . Any changes that the self-study function of this system can record operation personnel to download information place to make in the light of CIP4, and will the work that is used later. This equipment can " perception " presswork condition, ego is updated and make response continuously.
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