Of Hai Debao imprint presswork workshop control system talks without exception
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Of company of sea heart fort imprint presswork the workshop controls a system (Prinect Inpress Control) it is course of study inside also be first exclusive can be in odd the condition that carries movement leaves piece of paper printing machine, to pressworking with prismatic photometry colour undertakes online the unifinication equipment that measure and analyses. This system is had full automatic an accurate control function, can be in while printing machine undertakes working preparative to mix manufacturing, undertake measure and be controllinged to colour, and won't produce any effects to the normal movement of printing machine.

Imprint presswork the measurement of workshop control system result (every most 8 kinds) will be conveyed to imprint directly a press center (Prinect Press Center) , this center can identify automatically presswork the deviation between color and good look is opposite all pressworking in time unit undertakes synchronism is adjusted, in order to make sure colour is pressworking in duplicate process accurate and consistent. This system can raise the utilization rate of printing machine not only, and still can assure to presswork the stability of quality. It has been in now Haidebao fast bully got use on CD74, XL75 and XL105 set printing machine, and can be in effect is produced when these printing machine hold highest operation property.