The automatic colour that the value pressworks controls Manluolanzeng (graph)
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Reducing cost and economic time is two of system of control of couplet line colour significant advantages, new-style couplet line offers Manluolan automatically Chinese ink guides charge unit (InlineColorPilot) is the system with a such powerful functions. It can rise presswork quality, reduce bear imprint the waste of content, increase a black-and-white bear imprint the efficiency of the environmental protection respect of content. Presswork personnel needs to take out printed sheet from delivery unit no longer again by offline the system undertakes controlling to colour, saved time thereby.

Installation offers Chinese ink automatically to guide in the couplet line on printing machine of old width of cloth accuse device to will be exhibited in Deluba appear first on the meeting

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Appreciation of graceful Luo Lan pressworks the another example of the concept is compositive colour pilot function, couplet line guides automatically for Chinese ink accuse device to be able to improve manufacturing efficiency and manufacturing quality further. On printing machine of old width of cloth, couplet line guides automatically for Chinese ink accused device to make sure successive quality is controlled, made sure whole production moves the craft stability in the process, it is a full automatic quality monitoring craft.

Improve quality, decrease switch on the mobile phone preparative time

Especially old width of cloth is odd the operation personnel of piece of paper printing machine, time take out printed sheet to undertake from delivery unit offline colour control is a very time-consuming operation. Pile up put function to do not affect paper, amount to fabric width 1.85 meters paper or chipboard to be taken out from delivery unit, be being put to test desk again is an operation that has very tall technical ability, also be the exercise of strong physical power sometimes. Cutting device to cut printed sheet the two printing machine of half of couplet line cent, needs time and labor want double. Couplet line guides automatically for Chinese ink in accusing device to undertake in production, undertake measure and be adjustmented to printing ink density on printing machine directly, take out printed sheet to have colour pilot move with respect to leave out so. Its are the biggest the advantage is to ensure whole presswork all the process is medium imprinting the color quality of presswork agrees equably, reduced the labor intensity that operates personnel greatly, can let operate personnel to pay close attention to other operation morely. Couplet line guides automatically for Chinese ink accuse device installation to be in the last presswork at the back of unit embossing platen, according to printing machine width different, 15 sensor are installed OK and firmly at most in whole system, record the numerical value that measures to the printed sheet on embossing platen. The system can be measured and adjust amount to 7 to presswork unit Chinese ink quantity. Couplet line guides automatically for Chinese ink accuse device to be able to measure area of all Chinese ink, measure a need for the first time 3 successive printed sheet. First time self-correcting wants to be able to undertake after 40 printed sheet only. In couplet net presswork in the factory, presswork of the process beforehand set and assess can undertake in any positions in the network. Choose as match, couplet line guides automatically for Chinese ink charge unit but the OkBalance with company of system of cloth Lu Na
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