Offset press new technology of Qi Fubin talks 16 times (one)
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Offset print can take dominant place for a long time in presswork, improve of technology of offset print of main profit from and offset press ceaselessly with innovation. Now in recent years odd the main achievement collect that the technical innovation of piece of paper offset press and technology improve, provide reference for offset press manufacturer and user.

1. does not have side compasses technology

The technology of the compasses that do not have side that appears in recent years is to be in the process that paper moves ahead ceaselessly, undertake successive scanning to paper edge ceaselessly through sensor, carry scanning data control system, by control the system gives out an instruction to make the orgnaization that send paper has coarse adjustment first, junior travel essence is moved, assure the transverse place with proper paper. The fixed position before technology of the compasses that do not have side does not need paper and the halt time when side locates, paper is continuous ongoing, increased greatly available time, stable to paper fixed position, raise overprint precision and machine rate very advantageous. Changing bear imprint content and work when, do not need to be adjusted artificially, reduced settling time to because adjust,be reached undeserved the problem that create.

2. is odd the drive that do not have an axis gives piece of paper paper chance

Application does not have axial drive technology, occasion giving paper cent becomes a few much, use respective servo electric machinery to drive respectively. General and detached head, be defeated by stage of the compasses before punched tape is mixed, side compasses, paper to rise demote alone drive. According to saying, the application that gives paper chance without axial drive can increase the accuracy of the system that distribute paper and stability greatly, need not change any component can depart wait to thick paperboard and corrugated fibreboard and plastic sheet from flimsy bear imprint content.

Machine giving paper and printing machine also use technology of the drive that do not have an axis to control paper machine and press group synchronism between the group.

3. supplies Chinese ink system without Mo Jian

Traditional offset press needs roller of a lot of Chinese ink for Chinese ink system, the structure is complex, adjust a trouble, balance of water Chinese ink is slow. People is studying all the time already simple, function offers the structure well again Chinese ink system. Having Mo Jian to supply Chinese ink system is a the most successful kind, this kind supplies Chinese ink system, without Chinese ink area, without Mo Jian, because Mo Jian is adjusted,won't appear and affect the issue of color of Chinese ink of area of circumjacent Chinese ink. There also won't be the unit that controls Mo Jian again on console.

Supply Chinese ink system without Mo Jian, at present basically reticulation roller and type of the knife that blow Chinese ink and digital type ink jet offer Chinese ink model.
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