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This period the point imprints machine state function and applied introduction. Later development basically is picked those who choose is the tip inside the industry printing machine manufacturer is like Haidebao, manluolan, gao Bao, small dark, the senior engineer that 3 water chestnut weigh the company such as labour is in to its machine technical function and the introduction that use a field. (note: Originally period content by surely win senior netizen Zhaoyang arranges Yin Yi offer)

Hai Debao: Mr Shao Yuanlin

One, the rigid structure of offset press

Odd piece of paper is polychromatic offset press is efficient main premise of production is to have the opportunity giving paper with a reliable stability, accordingly, manufactory of each main offset press already brought into his oneself to produce a system.

Current, in the light of what differ bear imprint material and norms, odd piece of means is defeated by paper that paper offset press uses -- pace belt standard is defeated by the vacuum below paper to suck gas belt to be defeated by paper each has his strong point, going up to switching on the mobile phone use pace belt, the reason is it has solid structure, go accurately paper and guide compasses form right angle, together with presses paper paper annulus, wool is brushed with smooth paper implement, can apply to extensively a variety of bear imprint material, be like ripple paper, small curly paper, this it is very important that to pressworking norms reachs paper.

It is under medium width of cloth, if type of inspiratory leather belt is used to be defeated by paper on quarto and octavo offset press, the reason is operation and adjust handy easy travel.

To get used to the current situation that short edition works, change exercise and commutation paper size often namely, hai Debao rolled out what there is taller pursuit on dependability and speed in time beforehand buy gives paper chance. This one system retained the structure that traditional pace takes and way, but made in a lot of respects optimize a design, make system more hasten is close, facilitating automation operates control, its characteristic is paper and before compasses and side compasses form exact methodological structure, give the dependability of paper and rate in order to ensure; The pace of and rather than that the 2 promotion that are paper caboodle are stepless takes form, the actual ply change that can be aimed at paper so promotes, be apart from in order to maintain with the stability with suction nozzle; 3 it is to use half closed system a confusion of voices, dustproof to falling, maintenance-free has active effectiveness.

In addition, arrive early to giving paper process medium paper, arrive late, heart fort uses the sea to hold tooth rate through adjusting lap formula, in 200 ° ~ inside limits of 312 ° corner correct automatically, and rather than is corrected when traditional fixed point of view.
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