Little skill: The compensation model that different site increases is being inst
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Below pressure action when printing ink move arrives when paper surface, as a result of the absorbency of paper, when printing ink is being permeated to all around diffuse, generation site increases, make whole picture becomes a few darker. Very apparent, to differring the paper of quality can produce different site to increase the result. Paper absorbency is stronger, the site enlarges a value bigger, specifically, newspaper is the oldest, art paper is the smallest. The amplification that the site that forms by paper performance place increases to present exponential means commonly the rule, imprinting in pre-treatment process, the influence that must increase generation to the site undertakes compensating.

To the site of different measurement, it is different that the site increases a cost. Site of general and high-key, shadow increases a cost lesser, the site of middle tone increases a cost bigger. General proposal is better with default setting, like the default when art paper pressworks the value is 17% the left and right sides, hectograph paper is 22% the left and right sides, newspaper is 30% the left and right sides.

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