Quicken a few crucial skill with dry film of the Chinese ink on presswork
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It is actually in contemporary polychromatic offset print, even if used presswork very well condition and sound technology, accomplish printing ink very hard also pressworking process medium or it is to presswork finish the printing ink before receiving paper can seasonable dry, so our aborning often collects below in order to 3 kinds of means to quicken Chinese ink film dry or it is the rear loiter that prevents presswork dirty.

Dusting: Dusting is the more commonly used means in pressworking, the rear loiter that causes to because Chinese ink film is dry slow place is dirty it is more significant step, when Chinese ink the addition with the OK and proper amount of the dusting when the layer is thicker, especially bear imprint the shadow net that substance appearance has small area or on-the-spot Chinese ink piece when, should notice proper addition more dusting quantity. It is good in effective limits Yue Xiaoyue that the quantity of general dusting wants, the black that can affect presswork otherwise is lubricious, should notice to control the amount of dusting more on the product that asks in bronzing, laminating especially.

Drying rack: Use in the part receiving paper of printing machine statified the idea that accepts paper, namely every other 20 ㎝ of 5 ~ (disjunctive ply of paper is thick can basis bear imprint the density of content and ply of layer of exterior Chinese ink will adjust, bear imprint when ply of layer of content thickness big ink stick is big, disjunctive layer wants high to be reduced appropriately) statified receive paper, prevent to be in of paper next self-prossessed bringing about have not dry Chinese ink film is destroyed, or rear felt is dirty.

Shake air: The surface is absorbed bad and the presswork with Chinese ink deeper film is general and dry slow, as a result of paper pile up with air medium oxygen contacts little block up the process with dry oxidation, reason every interval shakes paper gently for some time make breathe freely, increase ink marks and airy contact, what can accelerate printing ink effectively is dry.

The key with the dry and slow film of Chinese ink of control presswork surface that we review article place to mention finally again, and the measure of a few technology of the presswork that works slow to giving printing ink:

1. chooses proper printing ink; 2. Pressworking in the process as far as possible little use is added and assistant; 3. Right amount use dry oil; 4. The PH that controls quantity of good layout water and embellish edition fluid in presswork is worth; 5. Make sure humidity of constant of environmental constant temperature is very important; 6. Control the ply of Chinese ink film of good plan article; 7. Dusting, drying rack, shake air.

Till this we analysed presswork to be duped a few reasons with Chinese ink dry and slow film and printing ink are dry and slow a few means of settlements of moment, the hope can have a few helps to everybody.

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