Make fine offset print from 3 respects " 3 smooth " the job
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Of offset print " 3 smooth " it is offset print a job of the outbalance in pressworking, it is the main demand that offset print craft handles, also be one of keys that achieve balance of water Chinese ink. Did well only of offset print " 3 smooth " the job, the quality of offset print product just can have basic safeguard. Especially new those who introduce is secondhand offset press, should have done this work more. The author talks about a few experience in the job here, aim cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions.

Alleged offset print " 3 smooth " it is to show the water roller of offset press is smooth. Mo Gun is gentle platen (forme, platen of rubber, embossing) smooth, pressure is balanced and correct, achieve relatively ideal presswork the effect.

Water roller is smooth

Roller of water of water roller flat demand wants flat, the surface should be made the same score take, water roller pressure wants correct and even, had shoulded not be also should not be too small greatly. If water roller is smooth without tone, its and string, the pressure between water roller and forme is met inhomogenous, bring about layout moisture too too big, small or moisture besmear cloth not divide evenly, affect water Chinese ink to balance; Cause water roller and forme and the local pressure between the roller that string together water too big or too small, cause its movement is not smooth, those who quicken forme wear away. Do the work with good water smooth roller, want to notice the following:

1. The attention checks the parallelism of water roller, whether does water roller have bend, be out of shape phenomenon, if be to return the water roller that make, the glue core of water roller must flat, the surface should be ground smooth.

2. Water roller cloth with soft nap should have been covered, had seamed and seam strong, the appearance that should notice to check water roller cloth with soft nap is smooth take, whether take up, do not allow to appear flabby phenomenon. After water roller cloth with soft nap has been wrapped, cannot install immediately, answer to use embellish edition fluid to be swabbed equably twice first, its after sufficient profit is wet, ability can be installed.

3. Adjust correctly the pressure of water roller, make left, medium. Right the pressure 3 o'clock agrees equably. Adjust first water roller and the pressure between the roller that string together water, adjust again next the pressure between water roller and forme, pull through scrip measure a way, what measure water roller carefully repeatedly is left. Medium, right the pressure 3 o'clock, the pressure that makes each a little bit is basic and balanced consistent. Particular way: The kraft 2-3 that chooses straight silk detailed, cut growing 40cra into parts. Wide make an appointment with 2cm, ply the scrip between 0.1-0.15mm, place respectively mix in water roller between the roller that string together water or forme locally, close sail upstream pull after roller move scrip, adjust handwheel and dial button, the made pulling force that achieves paper take up to have, paper both neither ruptures to be able to be pulled again, affirm appropriate can.
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