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My factory secondhand Hai Debao quarto 4 kinds of offset press, appear to give paper plant automatically inspiratory inadequacy from time to tome in move once, give paper implement suck the breakdown with flabby paper. Because manufacturing task is very urgent at that time, check maintenance without seasonable debus so, after running period of time again for this appeared finally atmolysis a powerful person is out of order, suck chew cannot inspiratory breakdown. Then, spot rush to repair checks debus of atmolysis a powerful person first, form of this a powerful person discovers after folding discharge to give put oneself in another's position of a powerful person (42mm of diameter of body of a powerful person, casting copper material) round face is serious and abrade outside having a paragraph when make an appointment with 30mm to grow " burn " caustic, be put in channel mark by tatty face. Or of this kind of state changes body of a powerful person, face of or rehabilitate damage and it is normal to make physical ability of a powerful person and a powerful person are covered cooperate.

Because do not have spare parts, so, I decide to use processing of filling solder repair first. If fill with solder of cupreous drill steel, workpiece is heating metabolic of generation of the meeting in process of drill rod solder is likely, if fill to won't be out of shape with stannic solder, the operation is handy, it is hardness only cannot as coequal as copper. But the lash-up processing that serves as the spot can be used, for this, I choose to fill with soldering tin first, stannic solder makes welding flux with colophony (cream than using soldering tin the effect is good) , the electric iron that uses 150w heats, the ability after reaching limiting temperature begins to undertake solder, tower above wants after layer of the stannum on solder original outside round dimension, the body of a powerful person after solder filling this later is placed in vehicle of the fine on lathe and layer of arenaceous smooth solder, the made size with be achieved normal. The processing that covers to a powerful person just covers a powerful person clip be on lathe, with 0# emery cloth the place arenaceous light of will abrade damage went. Finished repair processing namely inside short time so, travel of new mount accident is used, function is normal, achieve use requirement. It is feasible that the specification uses this kind of method to handle.

Besides afore-mentioned handle in that way feasible outside, still have as conditional as afore-mentioned in that way gall manage also can have repair with technology sticking besmear. Processing of technology sticking besmear has an operation to go to the lavatory, applicability is wide, coating and sex of union of the mother's body are good, repair speed fast, quality good, cost is low advantage. The agent sticking besmear that place sticking besmear uses has wear-resisting agent, fill agent, urgent repair an agent to wait, agent sticking besmear is general and similar slimy shape, cent is A · B two constituent, when using mix the A, scale that B presses a specification two groups blend even hind Tu Fu (be opposite before Tu Fu coating face should use acetone kosher) , in the turning after solidify, restore original measure. The hardness of the hardness after solidify of this kind of agent sticking besmear and copper differs very few, the agent sticking besmear of the entrance is like series of Bei Erzun offer, have TS111 name homebredly, these quality are better. Can offer alternative of person of the same trade.
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