4 action teach you to discern easily phenanthrene forest is different lubricious
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One, administrative levels is divisional law

To black and yellow, this method is very practical. Generally speaking, in 4 kinds of edition, black edition duplicates with short attune more, administrative levels is very accordingly little, identify very easily; Because be in major work, maize composition is heavier, fizzle out it seems that so the administrative levels of edition is very very full, burnt, better also admit. And pinkish red edition and green edition, arrangement is similar, if do not have the experience of color separation, often confuse easily with this method.

2, diagnostic color is divisional law

Have the before imprinting worker of experience commonly, multi-purpose this method will distinguish. Because it accords with color separation principle, accordingly, use rise accuracy is very tall. We know, after the color separation that passes colour filter, edition of of all kinds has its are basic color and contrary color. Be like pinkish red edition, its are basic color is pinkish red, red, blue purple and black, contrary color is yellow, green, green with white.

Accordingly, all red, blue purple and magenta, there should be very deep black on the color separation film of pinkish red. We can find a few relevant traits color, if the lip of red flag, gules seal, character is waited a moment, these place should are brunet on pinkish red edition, and light color is on green edition. Contrary, a few skies, sea, forest, light color is on pinkish red, and be brunet on green edition.

3, angle is divisional law

This is magnifier of have the aid of, will observe from the color separation angle of film. Generally speaking, the angle of yellow edition always is 90 ° . The characteristic that considers weak lubricious edition will undertake this angle is arranged. Pinkish red, green, black because be strong lubricious edition, must keep away from accordingly occurrence moire, differ in order to follow 45 ° more the differential seat angle of 30 ° will arrange, namely 15 ° , 45 ° , 75 ° .

The angle of strong lubricious edition can decide according to the characteristic of manuscript, without fixed angle. And yellow is weak lubricious edition, although go out,show moire, not easy also observation gains person key point. To quadrate site and circular site, should be in a quadrant when can no more arranging the 4th good point of view, the poorest angle gave it. Accordingly, its angle is arrangement in 90 ° . Attention, the angle arrangement that orders as a result of catenary form is 0 ~ 180 ° , accordingly, should not talk additionally to catenary look feature.

4, the net spends divisional way

If have specimen page, still can use specimen page, undertake the net spends divisional way. Spell film of a piece of color separation put on prospectus, in a way turns an angle, can appear in tonal area place a few nets that bring facial expression are beautiful, namely moire. If appear,the net that is magenta is spent, criterion this piece of film is pinkish red edition; If be cyan net,the flower is green edition. Is this why?
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