Raise offset print forme to be able to bear or endure imprint 12 notes of rate
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Raise forme to be able to bear or endure imprint leading is to reduce raw material to use up, reduce a product to produce cost, shorten a manufacturing cycle, crucial segment that increases economic benefits. What the following kinds of methods can raise forme apply to be able to bear or endure in real work imprint rate.

1, severe presswork raw material put in storage closes. Want to assure to purchase excellent paper and edition of high grade PS especially. Imprint for instance the 52g/m2 of books and periodicals? Paper of 60g/m2 books and periodicals, if covet petty gain purchases the inferior paper that is not normal papermaking manufacturer,purchase personnel, the whiteness of paper, uniformity, smoothness, bright and clean degree, exterior tension, apply glue to spend wait for each technology index to all cannot achieve black-and-white requirement, paper surface ash of coarse, paper is big, subtle sand is much, this wears away easily the film of sensitive colophony glue of PS edition, make of forme be able to bear or endure imprint rate reduce. So, want those who raise offset print forme to be able to bear or endure imprint rate, be about to grab from the channel of replenish onr's stock of material above all. Unqualified Yuan Fucai makings does not take a plant, not put in storage. Current, presswork card of data market top grade is various, difficult differentiate stand or fall, presswork goods answers to compare 3 when the enterprise purchases material, assure quality, buy presswork high gradely material.

2, should master correct PS edition time of exposure. Should notice light exposure particularly, do not want solarization, lest affect forme be able to bear or endure imprint rate. Usually, 4 kinds of color separation piece ask the small site of 3% is not basked in missing, the big site of 98% is not burnt edition; Design, line, writing is clear, petty graph article is not dropped edition, literal touch is full and light, do not be short of a pen to break delimit etc.

3, chroma of PS edition developer solution should be controlled strictly. When making up developer solution, want to be made up strictly according to the operation instruction handbook of manufacturer home, developer solution or natrium of oxidation of develop pink, hydrogen, water passes metrological implement magnanimity accurate, do not by experience, rely on a feeling to make up or attenuant developer solution. Be like excessive of the exposure in printing down process, chroma of alkaline solution of PS edition developer solution exorbitant or water lukewarm on the high side meets what reduce PS edition directly to be able to bear or endure imprint rate.

4, be able to bear or endure through what roast PS edition will raise forme imprint rate. A lot of now pressworking manufacturer is vivid to long edition, imprint the product such as the books and periodicals with more capacity, newspaper pressworks the method that uses the edition that bake rises be able to bear or endure imprint rate, edition fluid is about to bake through dividing dirty, inunction after PS edition printing down, with run from opposite directions electric oven has the edition that bake. Must notice PS edition blank partial contamination, dirty dot uses long edition to cream before the ① edition that bake clear clean, dirty dot keeps clear of hard after passing the edition that bake otherwise. The towel that fluid of the ② inunction edition that bake uses is sordid, or the fiber above towel falls off easy also on the layout of PS edition belt is dirty. Temperature of the ③ edition that bake is in 220 ℃ of 200 ~ , time of the edition that bake is controlled 15 minutes in 10 ~ commonly, should not be too long, also want a foundation at the same time of film of glue of colophony of sensitization of material of PS edition edition be able to bear or endure lukewarm circumstance, come specific the time that decides the edition that bake. If bake the film of glue of PS edition sensitization that come out to show red of light coffee color, brown, resemble the color with squashy plum, explain the edition that bake is proper; If roast time is too long, temperature is exorbitant, will bake film of glue of colophony of PS edition sensitization burnt, or make edition radical molten.
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