The site in cycle offset print increases reason and control skill
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Bring about the case study that the site increases:

1. pressworks pressure causes mechanical sex the site increases

Pressworking of the printing ink in the process deliver the move that reachs print to need to presswork suitably pressure, squash and increase what be out of shape certainly will causes a site of mackintosh what adopt roll. When basking in the edition that make PS accordingly, the type that wants union to differ (different printing machine has different site to increase a cost) the time of exposure with right choice, make the site on PS edition is less than draft of draw a design slightly, presswork ability and prospectus keep consistent.

Of 2. cheap forme photosensitive relatively difference

Mesh of PS edition some is thicker, some is photosensitive poorer, it is easy to be in after exposure all round the site form empty dizzy. After the Chinese ink on PS edition, empty dizzy part also is worn Chinese ink, practical effect was to increase site acreage, cause a site to increase, need to change the PS edition with better quality.

3. sends handwriting or painting device adjustment not beautiful

The photograph between Mo Gun changes to positional happening, the shearing force between roller and roller also can produce a change, make the relation that send handwriting or painting is destroyed. Rely on edition roller pressure to weigh, extruding deflection is big, attenuate of rubber roll diameter, rely on edition roller and edition platen linear velocity abhorrent, the site is spun in platen Zhou Xiang, generation drawing is out of shape.

Heavy panel of line of 4. mackintosh bag or too soft

Mackintosh assures line heavy panel or too soft increased forme platen and rubber platen, rubber platen and embossing platen (since of platen of cycle engine rubber turns imprint platen is embossing platen) the pressure between, mackintosh reduces deflection and osculatory area width bigger, site quality is not quite good, site repeatability is poor, the site increases a cost taller.

5. Chinese ink has been measured big

Below ideal situation, should be controlled to be in 25 μ M by the ply of Chinese ink layer of move. As increase of volume giving black, ply of Chinese ink film increases, separate force also is in mushroom, redundant printing ink cannot by bear imprint content is transferred immediately, chinese ink is accumulated on forme surface and mackintosh more, printing ink begins spread out, cause a site to increase, appear even burnt edition.

Control of 6. paper tension bad or mackintosh bag line is abhorrent

Paper tension is controlled bad or mackintosh bag line is abhorrent, monochromatic print can be before on the mackintosh of next monochromatic groups produce amlposition, appear fold a shadow, the graph article that changes paper face appears likewise fold shadow and faintness, the site is increased.

Viscosity of 7. printing ink is small spend with flow exorbitant

The hydrophily of printing ink is too sensitive, touch denaturation and succumb the value is too little, viscosity is too low, mo Sitai is long, liquidity is too strong, the need when pressworking has more embellish edition juice to contend to it. The printing ink after emulsification is easy on PS edition spread out, cause a site easily to increase, move arrives bear imprint what printing ink goes against on content is caky, the mesh that cannot get clarity moves picture.
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