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Control raising paper is crucial also

To cooperate to blow small suck big principle, undertake be controllinged strictly to rising paper to measure even.

Control of capacity raising paper is bad, easy also generation is empty piece, the defect that double Zhang Xiangji appears.

(graph 2) medium ○ A is to install in ejector pin (N100, 30218) the 6 horn bolt that go up and nut. Through cam control linkage mechanism makes the bolt on ejector pin right journey switch (LX5, 11) undertake colliding, put through or disconnect the circuit of journey switch, achieve litre of paper and the goal that do not promote paper.

Graph 2

Graph 2

"Suitable go against much capacity raising paper less, millimeter left and right sides is not had empty double. "

Loose hex nut, adjust 6 horn bolt can be achieved adjust the goal that promotes paper how to much measure, it is roll of suitable hour hand commonly 6 horn bolt, quantity raising paper can decrease, anticlockwise roll 6 horn bolt, rise paper to estimate meeting increase, but every time after adjuster, must locking hex nut, otherwise 6 horn bolt can become loose, quantity raising paper can be changed.

Rise paper to measure ordinary control to be in 1, 1.5mm left and right sides is more appropriate, flimsy wants sometimes little at 1mm, and pasteboard should be more than 1.5mm sometimes, change character, it is advisable to measure control to be controlled in 10 pieces with raising paper every time. As a result of the vibration of the machine, the norms of paper, condition is differ, every time amount raising paper may be not certain accurate, when we are adjusting, desirable a certain number of second the average of quantity raising paper this basis, but the error between this data cannot too big, otherwise the effect of short of adjustment.

If quantity raising paper adjusts small, although won't affect minute of paper, but movement of electric machinery raising paper is too frequent, not be too ideal.

If quantity raising paper adjusts big, the trouble that cause is empty piece, double Zhang Jiao replaces appear: Those who rise that momently, appear double piece possibility is the largest, will rise the hour that does not rise, occurrence sky piece possibility is the largest, and suction nozzle of this time paper does not suck paper possibly (this may unwary) , and the expression of the suction nozzle that give paper can be to had been extended long, also be not to suck paper, (at this moment people may arrive attention centrally on the suction nozzle that give paper, the thing that is not it actually) , and chart of wrong place an affectionate couple, create the difficult position of trouble removal.
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