Little skill: Trouble removal of mackintosh of paper roll steel
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This factory pressworks in when magazine cover, the equipment when the class comes off work afternoon is returned everything is normal, night shift ready-made works, switch on the mobile phone when pressworking, pressworking when 600 printed sheet of 500 ~ , appear suddenly phenomenon of mackintosh of paper roll steel. Consider as paper to did not go good at first, clean mackintosh then, add put pressure paper (cross edition waste paper) try machine, but did not walk out of a few pieces, appear again phenomenon of mackintosh of paper roll steel, try with pressure paper imprinting a few times is similar result. But when taking paper, did not appear crooked piece, the phenomenon that paper does not reach the designated position, and the electric tooth of part of the plan before the machine detects normal.

Search the discovery when breakdown reason, the tooth that give paper holds power enough big, paper has sex without the problem; Embossing front tooth holds power quite big, paper has sex to also do not have a problem; Platoon of tooth receiving paper holds power quite big also, hold paper less. Consider the plan before borrowing, make platoon of tooth receiving paper can be held more a bit, can be the means that two custom locate, caused a trouble to the overprint below, the result borrowed a bit platen receiving paper only, make platoon of tooth receiving paper is held more a bit. The examination is adjusted end, try with pressure paper machine, still appear phenomenon of mackintosh of paper roll steel. Although afternoon class everything is normal, but check the breakdown after adjusting and did not solve. Finally, walk along paper disagreement to press only, the examination takes paper, receive paper, come so, the problem appeared, one tooth platoon does not receive paper, drop a machine directly below (if close,press, paper can be stuck on mackintosh) . Each tooth receiving paper discharges microscope, discovery opens tooth bearing and the join among axis opening a tooth board broken, make this tooth platoon cannot open a tooth to receive paper. Get off this tooth platoon, change new, trouble removal.

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