The phenomenon of common bar of a few kinds of Chinese ink in offset print reach
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Bar of alleged Chinese ink, it is the phenomenon that the site inside the axial strip area that appears on presswork increases or reduces.

In the routine of hectograph, often other relations with people is fond of the problem that if imprint,tastes bar of occurrence Chinese ink. Because the reason of generation of Chinese ink bar is of many sided, processing rises to need comprehensive analysis and judgement more, ability can be solved effectively. Phenomenon of common Chinese ink bar and reason are compared to undertake an analysis to aborning below us.

In general the substantially of Chinese ink bar that we can encounter in the job can divide it is 4 kinds: Bar of vibratory Chinese ink; Bar of gear sex Chinese ink; Bar of roller Chinese ink; The Chinese ink thick line that other reason produces.

Our classification undertakes discussion below:

One, bar of vibratory Chinese ink

Bar of vibratory Chinese ink points to namely pressworking in the process, after the vibration with machine occurrence normal blame, the osculatory pressure between platen of forme, mackintosh, paper, embossing appeared instantaneous change (the likelihood increases for an instant, likely also instantaneous decrescent) , the site that bring about is out of shape.

Mackintosh: Pressworking the action of the mackintosh in the process is to raise printing ink to be led to the move of paper not just, and the machine that returns expression to be the generation in absorbing embossing shakes. After mackintosh is sclerotic, the oscillatory and effective absorption that arises in the process cannot run to the machine when embossing, when this kind of oscillatory expression arrives on presswork, can appear the problem of Chinese ink bar. Because the very much homebred press of our country makes precision not tall, pressworking the vibration that appears in the process is bigger wait for a reason, use soft gasket.

Give oil undesirable: Give when the athletic orgnaization of the machine when oil is undesirable, with respect to the meeting movement to the machine smooth sex causes certain effect, affect when this kind enough big when, meet those who bring about a machine shake, in shake while the influence with can make the move of the site gets certain, bring about local site to be out of shape, appear finally Chinese ink bar.

Embossing force is undesirable: Pass when platen pressure big, in embossing when also can appear of the machine shake, produce Chinese ink thick line thereby. Just enter embossing area when forme platen and rubber platen especially (the place that hold a mouth) when, if pressure is too great, the contact of rubber platen and embossing platen can be appeared by oscillatory influence width is bigger, the Chinese ink thick line that has the law; When rubber platen and embossing platen just from when holding a mouth to enter embossing area, if pressure crosses big effect,also be same, the meeting contact in forme platen and rubber platen bar of area occurrence vibration, move of repass rubber platen arrives on paper.
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