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In offset print, appear sometimes imprint before the color that taste Chinese ink deep hind shallow or before shallow hind deep (after before from pressure expression is, be being weighed light or before light hind heavy) the influence imprints quality quantity, to producing some of account of kind of phenomenon, we are mixed from platen, Mo Gun below the influence of a few respects does water roller slightly analysis.

1. Deflection of platen centre of gravity holds the side in the mouth, before appearing deep hind shallow namely before after weighing light; Before deflection pulls a tip to appear shallow hind deep namely before light hind heavy. This is platen when scroll, hold mouth and pressure of place pulling an end abhorrent place is caused. Pressure is heavy at the same time the site increases, chinese ink look is close; Pressure is light at the same time, the site is contractible, chinese ink color is light.

2. Platen pressworks the radius of the face also can be caused, if the mat line of platen produces pleat, perhaps pay line quality difference, thickness is abhorrent, cause pressure to be not sent create Chinese ink scene depth is differ.

3. Mo Gun and the pressure between the roller that string together Chinese ink are too light, cause send handwriting or painting inhomogenous, ignore big ignore small. Wear especially Mo Gun reachs the pressure between its and forme to must adjust with the roller that string together Chinese ink even, cannot both ends is weighed gently at the same time at the same time. The pressure that should note Mo Gun and forme particularly should be more than Mo Gun and the pressure that string together Mo Gun, such facilitating that printing ink depart is transferred.

4. Move Mo Gun's diameter shoulds not be too small, otherwise short of of quantity of printing ink move pressworks graph article demand.

5. Move ageing of surface of Chinese ink roller, already turned into without wool stoma slick surface, cause the amount that send handwriting or painting inhomogenous, quality of Chinese ink of easy occurrence around is inconsistent breakdown. This kind of Mo Gun can be in assure next undertaking to the diameter allows a condition abrade, made surface is rough change, the adsorption that increases printing ink and deliver performance. After should noticing Yin Wanliang light is oily particularly, answer to wash Mo Gun seriously. (light oil remain makes face of lens of surface of Chinese ink roller is changed easily on Mo Gun, the pore on roller of ram Chinese ink. Serious when, the balata that can get on Mo Gun unplugs, cause Mo Gun discards as useless)

6. Water roller and forme pressure and water roller and pressure of the roller that string together water adjust abhorrent cause sail upstream ignore big ignore small, influence edition faces the adsorption of printing ink.

7. Water roller bends cause sail upstream inhomogenous, answer to change in time.

8. When the cloth with soft nap that install water is covered, the eyewinker is loaded cause water roller radius to change, on the influence not water is even.
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