To planography offset press " frowsty car " the analysis of breakdown
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1. System is defeated by paper adjusts undeserved.

2. Medicinal powder wind force of suction nozzle of paper hair drier is small, a few pieces of paper are not complete before paper caboodle be blown diffuse.

3. Layer of presswork Chinese ink is thicker cause paper adhesion.

4. Double piece of controller adjustment is undeserved perhaps be out of order.

5. Before compasses report tooth piece malfunction, adjust when machine is defeated by paper undeserved, can appear be defeated by paper to make printed sheet jackknife is stuck on mackintosh askew.

6. Part of part is defeated by paper falls off, or rule part has other and sundry enter platen.

The place on put together is narrated, happen " frowsty car " because machinery is in locomotive process,basically be, got suddenly bigger outside force effect, make machinery exceeds laden movement, if be handled not in time with eliminate, the harm of different to mechanical generation level, happen consequently " frowsty car " hind should dismantle as soon as possible pressure, exit the paper that is in condition of dormant press press platen.