Small doohickey: JS2102 runs from opposite directions double-faced offset press
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This factory purchases JS2102 to run from opposite directions oneself since double-faced offset press, locomotive case is good, efficiency is taller, be schoolbook print gave a power. Recently, this machine is defeated by paper share to appear unusual, stop do not have the rule, carry paper to be not stabilized, bring a trouble to the operation, influence quality, cause paper loss, efficiency drops. For this, pilot asks to overhaul. Through cleaning, debug, attentive observation, affirming is occurrence breakdown of part of clutch is defeated by paper.

Above all, examination magnetism accuses switch, drawing magnet, pass a test, movement everything is normal. The bedspring of exchange clutch and after covering the planar bearing inside, switch on the mobile phone or appear this kind of phenomenon. Tear open next discovery that dial fork next, it is the screw head on smooth key so break fall, caused smooth key to be secured inside groove incompact, have shake a phenomenon, appeared separation and reunion is wrong, , stop malfunction, carry paper not to stabilize this kind of phenomenon. Through changing screw, nap makes the same score key, xiu Guang dials fork, clear dirt, after installation, adjust bedspring pressure, switch on the mobile phone try imprint, this kind of not stable phenomenon is eliminated, it is smooth and normal to be defeated by paper, paper loss decreases, efficiency rises.

Note: Screw head cannot exceed smooth key, otherwise separation and reunion is out of order.