Equipment of fort of analytic sea heart maintains expert example daily 4 points
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Concept: Be opposite directly the instant breakdown that in pressworking, appears undertakes local repair.

Maintain working point daily:

Point one: Judgement is accurate, the method is concise

Maintenance work asks time is short, accordingly must place of accurate differentiate breakdown, adopt the most concise maintenance method to undertake maintaining, in the problem is solved inside short time as far as possible. Changing when fittings, should select a replacement with good quality, installation job reachs the designated position accurately, avoid to leave future trouble.

Example of a few daily maintenance cites below:

Breakdown handles 1: Fly when amounting to next paper, always transmission side is fast.

The method that manufacturer adopts: Maintenance flies a powerful person that amount to gas -- blow grind the aperture inside carapace of a powerful person of gas a powerful person, eletroplate core of a powerful person of gas a powerful person, change receive paper annulus.

Wrong place: A powerful person of the gas after repair is flat more serious, what change receive paper annulus quality to be inferior to previously.

Examination: The main reason with next askew paper is: When the machine is installed, fly amount to as rough as lead plane travel.

Correct means of settlement: Corrective fly amount to relative to the parallelism at lead plane.

Breakdown handles 2: When pressworking, appear " decorticate " breakdown.

Operate the maintenance method of personnel: Adjust the adjustment screw on embossing platen tooth, try to increase the power of the tooth that hold paper.

Wrong place: The force holding paper of tooth of printing machine of sea heart fort is decided by bedspring force and dental treatment precision, the method cannot adjust above the force of the tooth that hold paper, and can change what platen tooth discharges to join time only, cause overprint trouble.

Accurate method: Check a tooth piece the wear out condition that fills up with the tooth, change when necessary; Whether does the examination exist on tooth platoon " dead tooth " solve " dead tooth " problem; Between examination tooth platoon join a concern, undertake modulatory when necessary.

Breakdown handles 3: "Throw part " breakdown.

Operate the way of personnel: Adjust the screw that tooth of close-up paper platen pays a lower part, adjust printing ink viscosity, adjust presswork pressure.

Wrong place: Adjust the screw that tooth of close-up paper platen pays a lower part, the adjustment that changed tooth of close-up paper platen to fill up on any account is fiducial, make the corrective job in the future more trival; Printing ink viscosity and presswork pressure wants according to imprint tasted need is affirmatory, cannot because of overprint problem sedulous change. These methods are insoluble imprint article " throw part " problem.

Explain: Use old, and the facility that did not maintain through the system, widespread presence " throw part " breakdown. Of this kind of breakdown involve an element more, it is only when equipment overhaul, ability is done relatively solve thoroughly.
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