By the printing ink of 3 kinds of offset print that paper causes breakdown is an
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The structure of the hole that use gum as a result of paper, smoothness, absorbency, sticky in offset print process flexibility, paper expects in the filling in papermaking process, sizing material, color grain is coarse, the respect quality such as group of the exterior quality dust of paper, stain, fiber, arenaceous bead is poor, via regular meeting generation piles the breakdown of edition.

The reason of caboodle edition basically has: Paper is depilated, paper takes off ash of wool of paper of the lot on pink, mackintosh, paper. Paper piles the reason of edition to differ, the means of settlement also differs somewhat.

One, paper depilates caboodle edition

Paper wool appears to pile the breakdown of edition in offset print process, advocate if structure of paper surface fiber is loose,the paper that cause is depilated cause, this kind of phenomenon basically is to presswork the paper with poorer quality, its breakdown surface is random wastepaper for face of colour appearance of print Chinese ink like grey phenomenon, paper wool falls off cause surface of forme, mackintosh to be stained with paper wool, serious when every presswork 1000 pieces swab forme and rubber with respect to need, cause thereby presswork quality problem, incur loss through delay produces plan and delivery time.

Face of paper positive and negative is depilated is the technical issue in papermaking raw material and papermaking process, offset print is the indirect printing that uses roll of intermediate elastomer rubber, forme turns graph article imprint to rubber platen, rubber platen turns below the action of embossing platen imprint presswork one when paper goes up pressworks Cheng, presswork in offset print wool of the paper in the process can transfer forme from the surface of mackintosh, as presswork the addition of the frequency, stop to also be met in the paper wool of forme surface accumulate more more, cause paper wool to pile the breakdown of edition, adhere of these paper Mao Youhui pursue in forme article print apparently, affect presswork quality thereby.

Wool of paper of the fiber on paper and paper ash have water imbibition already, have oil absorption again, after wool of paper of the adsorption on forme graph article, as forme platen turn imprint, it comes up against water roller above all wet, at the same time water roller has constant pressure on forme, embellish of roller of water of paper wool course is wet with pressurization hind, great majority is stuck go up closely in forme graph article, catch the Chinese ink on You Mogun. At this moment, the paper Mao Youkang after embellish is wet is oily, although cannot admit black via the Chinese ink on roller of 4 moves Chinese ink, turn a grey appearance can present when imprinting to mackintosh embossing.

Settle way:

(1) good water Mo Pingheng masters when offset print, below the premise of cloth scumming, reduce layout to water is divided and reducing water roller to be in the pressure of forme layout. The purpose is to make the paper wool of forme surface reduces profit as far as possible wet, achieve those who reduce paper wool to fight thereby oily and increasing Mo Li, and do not make its clingy as far as possible go up in layout.
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