The judgement that Chinese ink bar appears in offset print and eliminate a metho
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In offset print process, appear commonly Chinese ink bar is very troublesome, produce the account of bar mark, it is varied, the circumstance is daedal sometimes. A kind of reason is caused, also a variety of bad situations coexist form; Equipment component wears away cause, yi Youcao makes a method undeserved, adjust unwell reason. And bar of general Chinese ink the opportunity that aborning appears is not very much, general handlers accumulates the experience of a lot of this respects very hard.

Pass careful analysis nevertheless, the generation that we can discover Chinese ink bar and the pattern with eliminate or have definite but of abide.

The partial color of bar of 1. occurrence Chinese ink is lighter than normal part, the possibility that common mistake gives to go up in water roller is larger.

2. is become when the Chinese ink look of position of Chinese ink bar is closer, it is normal to want orgnaization of roller of first consideration Chinese ink.

3. is holding an office when Chinese ink bar relatively apparent, toward procrastinate to be in a bit more and more unidentified when showing, want first consideration water roller or it is Mo Gun.

The striation of the depth alternate with that 4. has width to be controlled for 1 centimeter about when full edition when, the problem that may be gear (the most possible reason is gear wear away or be gear span have a problem and bring about) .

5. is compared when the width of Chinese ink bar wide, in every Zhang Yin is tasted on when the position is secured relatively, as a result of,the likelihood is of platen bearing wear away, or it is platen pressure bring about greatly too.

When thick line of 6. Chinese ink is broader, its vibration that produces likelihood and machine is concerned.

If the occurrence of bar of 7. Chinese ink has the law very much, the periodic vibration that may be some orgnaization greatly causes. The span that appears according to Chinese ink bar and position can make farther judgement.

8. if the occurrence of Chinese ink bar does not have the rule completely, the place that the bolt that is somewhere likely then becomes loose or is need close solid produces those who cause to become loose and wear away.

After the reason that should understand Chinese ink bar to appear actually and rule, after problem of Chinese ink bar appearing in production, solve it is easy to rise to be met much.

Treat a disease actually be inferior to preventing disease, those who strengthen equipment is pay attention to to safeguard in daily production and maintain, science is used reasonably and adjust good machine, prevent and prevent the opportunity that Chinese ink bar produces, just be the best way that handles an issue.