The account with forme small pressrun reachs detailed rules of its processing te
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1. Water roller is too big to the active force of forme;

Processing technique: The feet that use stuff is made adjust accordingly, when adjusting but forme conversely, lest injure plate arenaceous item, at the same time forme total gasket should accord with a requirement, roller of the water after adjusting is in commonly to forme active force 0. 2 - 0. Inside 5mm limits, but also should decide according to particular case, be like " new water roller is covered answer when adjust somes a bit as small as forme active force, differ to adjust gradually again as use degree; Old water roller answer to the active force of forme moderate. Cover because of old water roller variational lesser, active force is larger also relatively chafe easily forme;

2. The active force between the forme when pressworking and mackintosh is too large;

Processing technique: Undertake specific adjustment with micrometer, usually pressure is in 010 - 0. Inside 15mm limits, what still should notice plate thickness is different to pressworking the influence of pressure;

3. Pile edition hind to did not swab mackintosh in time;

Processing technique: Should spend article of size, graph according to flow of paper circumstance, printing ink circumstance and imprint quantity bulk will swab mackintosh in time;

4. Presswork pink of the paper in paper is too much;

Processing technique: As far as possible the paper with more pink of little use paper, although use also appropriate often is swabbed mackintosh and add new printing ink to wait ceaselessly;

5. Exorbitant or paper PH cost is too low;

Processing technique: Had better avoid to use, although use,also should be in low imprint of the quantity imprint article on, the water when pressworking fights fluid PH to be worth appropriate to maintain in 5 - 6 between;

6. Value of PH of embellish edition fluid is undeserved;

Processing technique: Water fights fluid to should show weak acidity, and water fights appropriate often make clean, lest water fights fluid to corrupt,deteriorate;

7. Edition fund belongs to composition not to ask accord with forme;

Processing technique: Change forme, although use,also should ask in quality not tall and impression is less imprint in tasting, presswork should notice forme uses rate in the process, lest affect product quality;

8. Presswork there are sandy soil or arenaceous bead in paper;

Processing technique: Do not answer to presswork with;

9. Forme oxidizes via positive pole originally, the surface did not form solid, compact 3 oxidation 2 aluminium dried meat layer;

Processing technique: Choose in low imprint quantity and imprint the work with quality quantity not high demand in;

10. Rubber is installed;

Processing technique: Change mackintosh uses way. Install to avoid from time to tome by accident, best method is to use a hand to capture two end of rubber city to pull, stretchy and unidentified the being that show uses way, also can use the method that differentiates designation of mackintosh the reverse side to decide its use way;
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