Offset print pressworks before appearing deep hind weak reason and eliminate
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In process of offset print black-and-white, produce the phenomenon with lubricious abhorrent depth of around Chinese ink in the meeting on same printed sheet sometimes, that is to say printed sheet is being bitten mouth and pull an end before the color of print Chinese ink of two positions deep, from the back shallow, before the majority is Chinese ink color deep hind weak, before the circumstance of few number is weak hind deep, when printing the product with full on-the-spot edition especially, color of Chinese ink of the around on same printed sheet appears abhorrent, can affect presswork the quality of the product, analyse the reason of this one breakdown and processing technique as follows respectively now:

1. is worn before the print that the reason of smooth ageing causes appearance of Chinese ink roller deep after weak

The move of offset press Mo Gun has 4 usually, move surface of Chinese ink roller is slick after ageing, the adsorptive performance that can affect printing ink and deliver capacity. Move Mo Gun's surface cannot adsorptive and sufficient Chinese ink capacity, it goes up in forme graph article the first turn second when sending handwriting or painting, because Chu Mo quantity is little, the shadow part of image or on the spot, already it apparently turn stamp-pad ink Chinese ink sucks much, also get on roller of change Chinese ink sufficient Chinese ink capacity will complement impossibly instantly again at the same time, be in so the 2nd turn when sending handwriting or painting, image shadow part or the printing ink that get on the spot, already compared its to be gotten less in Chinese ink of the first the move when turning much, although roller of 4 moves Chinese ink sends handwriting or painting, still can appear before Chinese ink color deep hind meaningless appearance.

Settle way: the move of offset press Mo Gun is torn open come down, below the premise that allows in diameter of Chinese ink roller, can undertake abrade, make its surface a few rougher, the adsorption that cheers Chinese ink in order to add and deliver performance. A Mo Gun with too small diameter, change only new Mo Gun, when usual job ends, 4 moves Mo Gun is swabbed clean, mix in order to prevent Chinese ink roller glossily ageing.

2. is worn the diameter of Chinese ink roller is too small

Offset press is worn Mo Gun's diameter is too small, having a few is to attribute design problem, this kind of printing machine is pressworking when full edition is on-the-spot, before very easy generation deep hind meaningless appearance, this is the blemish that respect of offset press design exists, offset print jockey cannot be changed, the state of affairs with little diameter of roller of some Chinese ink is Mo Gun be ground too smally in abrade process, reluctance is patchy can use, accordingly it the pressure between the Mo Gun that be the same as change is too little, affect printing ink thereby deliver, pressworking there is a problem when Chinese ink measures less product, however, pressworking when Chinese ink measures older product, chinese ink look is close weak abhorrent malpractice can be shown came out.
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