Series of dragon bully F9000 takes a chance common trouble removal
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1, card:

When card happening, try to open door of the camera bellows before the machine that take a platoon above all, the operation lays film magazine accordingly, take a film with the hand at the same time, drive at the same time for film magazine left gear wheel, lay film income film magazine (not too operate forcibly forcibly, can cause other breakdown) otherwise. If be no good, will take a door of plane right side (allow a client to open door of this a side only commonly) open, check film (the attention is pulled not forcedly cause in-house parts of an apparatus to be out of shape, also avoid to use when cutting a knife into parts will inside rouse cut)

2, 875 faults:

This is a systematic error, content wide extensive, have very much possibility, and return not easily. Send a manuscript to the compositor of general and current file is over to just can sign up for a fault, and this file is complete, practicable. The clock that when face plate of the machine that take a platoon clew awaits stops after turning, can have button of clew of a carriage return. After pressing carriage return, after be started again, remember those who press screen top right corner concealing key-press please (if the input is effective, can have a lesser sound clew, the input already was identified by the machine) , can enter suspensive mode directly, check a file first cut (can use) hind, reappearance is discharged ever since file. Otherwise hind file of a send a manuscript to the compositor is met overlay is advanced on a file. (After be being started again according to platoon machine namely, can forget in front already had sent one file)

3, 720 faults:

It is the file that lead plane hair comes over to stock hard disk of the machine that take a platoon is in HOLD condition, cannot solve automatically compress section of drive smooth road to take a platoon. General this fault happens 9 times only, cannot return. It is normal that original lattice weighs send a manuscript to the compositor again. Cannot be being judged is RIP or be take a chance or be specific file is caused. Plant to this commonly circumstance, if restart groovily,move the machine that take a platoon to cannot keep clear of 720 faults, can enter diagnostic menu (in tool menu left the suitcase) of next horn, it is OK to do a system to diagnose.

4, 210 faults (car wrong) :

Have a few sides likelihood:

(1) because of film card, block the car; Should open only on the right side of lid, idea takes film,

(2) because take a chance not level, the ball bearing below the car to slip at the same time piece too much, such becoming when car restoration, had not detected sensor, ball bearing is blocked with respect to what bump to orbit edge piece went up. Need its after calibration, adjust level of the engine that take a platoon.

(3) the likelihood on the linear staff guage that notes number to the car is dirty. Need to use without spin cloth to be brushed gently. Be sure to keep in mind: There is film on this staff guage, must not brush with alcohol.
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