The tensional control of offset press of shallow analyse JJ204 and regulating un
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The means is defeated by paper of web offset press and odd the means is defeated by paper of piece of paper offset press differs completely, former it is with the machine the means of successive drawing punched tape undertakes. In process is defeated by paper, make punched tape must call pulling force at the force of taut condition. It is a bound with line of rubber platen embossing, tension can divide for two parts: Before embossing line call pulling force is defeated by paper, after embossing line call pulling force receiving paper. The size of punched tape tension matters to function of web offset print to deny regular job directly, if its size is improper, can cause a series of craft trouble, be like punched tape drift. Remove ruffle, crevasse or tear off, overprint forbids, the top margin of a page folds mark to forbid to wait, because this creates paper waste, affect machine movement efficiency, increase labor strength, and ultimate effect imprints quality quantity.

JJ204 web offset press is the normal movement that assures a machine, configured a lot of in order to to have control and adjusted unit to tension, in order to satisfy the different position different requirement to tension.

Magnetic particle controller

Magnetic particle controller can have direct control to scroll, prevent scroll to be in free condition in the process that put paper, avoid a machine to be in add, appear when decelerate paper and the phenomenon that have paper, make sure scroll puts paper with stable rate, detect through float orgnaization and tension circuit, because a scroll out of round, prejudicial, pine, tension that waits for itself reason closely to cause directly is fluctuant,reduce, can pressworking the tensional change that ceaseless to scroll decrescent causes in the process undertakes self-correcting.

Use adjust method: Mount makes a paper, use key formula switch by the helper, adjust knob at the same time, change restraint current, at the same time both hands drives scroll, with can driving scroll advisable. The numerical value that indicates on the watch right now namely the mark fiducial value of electric current of control of magnetic particle controller, this numerical value is deciding to put the volume of the tension when paper. Pulling force is too large, can make scroll rotational not divide evenly; Pulling force is too small, stop the meeting when machine to appear the phenomenon that have paper.

Roller sending paper and infinitely variable speeds implement

The roller sending paper of JJ204 web offset press is mixed by 2 metals roller composition of roller of a balata, the speed sending paper of punched tape, basically be to rely on to send paper roller to reach its to control regulating unit infinitely variable speeds implement generation. So, the stand or fall of here adjustment, will immediate impact arrives presswork quality and foldout quality.

1. The adjustment that sends paper roller pressure
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