Small doohickey: Bar of offset press tine trouble removal
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My company is new introduced fort of heart of one Taiwan Strait 4 kinds of offset press, pressworking recently when more high-grade example, an album of paintings, imprint article go up to often appear a few small Chinese ink thick line, and eliminate hard, although very not serious, but appearing on this more advanced machine is abnormal.

Through attentive observation and analysis, discover be apart of these Chinese ink bar are not worth 1cm, and have the law very much, should be tine bar. And so small tine thick line, can be water fights electric machinery to rely on gear to drive the roller that pass water to cause only. Then, after waiting for rub-up rubber roll, go up afresh Chinese ink presses bar adjustment relevant pressure. Should get on dynamic pressure of hand of the roller that pass water when the roller that string together water checks pressure, discovery is both the pressure between is bit greater, and the hard iron roll that they are course plating chromium, too great pressure can make the roller that pass water resembles wearing like going up in the roller that string together water, bring about head of axis of the roller that pass water and water to fight gear of electric machinery drive not to match, gap is bigger, some are met vibrate when movement. This kind vibrates through stringing together water roller, rely on edition water roller deliver, direct report imprints to place the product comes up, affected product quality thereby. After the crucial reason that finds a problem, adjust afresh the roller that pass water and the pressure of the roller that string together water, bar of this kind of tine disappeared.

This shows, adjust when the machine must accurate, standard, can cause a lot of curious and eccentric trouble otherwise, can damage even machine.