Henan new machine exceeds old width of cloth 5 kinds of offset press are in Yang
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Recently, according to vise general manager of Inc. of Henan new machine tall Bao Song introduces, by Henan new machine of own research and development exceed old width of cloth (1180mm × 720mm) 5 kinds of offset press already were in a few days ago the limited company of color print of Jiangsu Yangzhou Zhong Ling that pack is formal put into production, the mark is worn Henan new machine pressworks in old width of cloth technical respect strode ahead again tremendous one pace.

In recent years, henan new machine fetterses in printing machine product side, be declared successfully and win batch of country patent 20 multinomial. No matter be the respect such as function of the breed in the product, structure, own intellectual property,gained certain headway. Companion pressworks as old width of cloth technical development, aircrew type encyclopedia piece, the maturity that exceeds lubricious offset press of encyclopedia Zhang Duo and run from opposite directions greatly, super- run from opposite directions greatly the development development of polychromatic offset press, had formed at present 1620, 1420, 1180, type of set of 1030 4 old series is polychromatic offset press, 1040 series run from opposite directions greatly monochromatic, double color, double-faced offset press runs from opposite directions with 920 series odd, double color, double-faced offset press; Add up to 6 old series are close of model of 30 breed norms presswork package machine product, and be in printing machine of standard norms old width of cloth (1420mm series is width of cloth of international standard B0) with printing machine of old width of cloth of special type norms (1180mm and 1620mm width of cloth) respect the distinguishing feature that made new machine.

End at present, henan new machine already accumulative total pressworks for China the industry that pack, offerred printing machine of nearly 100 old width of cloth group, drove old width of cloth to presswork greatly the technology pressworks in China the development of the industry that pack and application. Can say, henan new machine is characteristic with printing machine of old width of cloth, had been in aircrew type, polychromatic change, the development of seriation cuts a figure on road, before the edge this one road continues, go, to automation direction stride, provide more high grade product and service for broad client.

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