Industry reviewing: 2000 to commercial cycle was in China 2004
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Current situation of Chinese business cycle

Countrywide business annulus include two mobile telephones inside retain the quantity is controlled in 100; Beijing makes an appointment with 30, labor cost fluctuates 12 yuan; Shanghai 19, labor cost compares Beijing slightly tall; Shenzhen is controlled 20 times, labor cost fluctuates 12 yuan; Guangzhou hears of already exploded give 10 yuan of labor cost...

From a few words that these cycle operator must come to in the mouth, perhaps not be exact statistical number, but also can be opposite the business of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong annulus the circumstance is painted probably outline.

A few otherer save city criterion have an easy time some. The labor cost of partial city is in 15 yuan of above, nearly the person be visited of half the number expresses reentry of in a planned way business annulus is apparent, they had been occupied left port city.

These imprint ambitiously factory great majority is state-owned company background. Outclass of business annulus investment is common odd piece of paper equipment, cable industry pressworks factory and " new China department " in these rare 3 endowment publication pressworks the biggest person be benefited that the area of the enterprise became business annulus market.

2004, have 11 again China of settle of Taiwan businessman annulus.

All growth should do obeisance to client place to grant. Of cycle technology rose to change slowly the client is right the be used to of business annulus has impression. The client begins to accept it to approach sheet eventually piece of paper offset press presswork quality, begin to admire it more get the better of the printing ink glossiness that prepares, begin ground of feel at ease and justified to enjoy its high rate.

The client is right the good opinion that business annulus forms with each passing day increased to presswork the company is right of this colossus buy faith. In labor cost same situation falls, the client has nagged no longer in sheet piece presswork on paper offset press or presswork on cycle engine, what is more,the rather that cycle engine is cheaper faster.

As the technology rise, business annulus also becomes more and more get used to short edition. 2004 on Deluba, 15 minutes imprint 3 kinds of work, every kinds of work imprints 2000 pieces, every kinds of vivid business that passes edition paper not to exceed 400 pieces annulus demonstrate to make business annulus operator gives birth to attendant China to sigh with emotion indefinitely.

And from " presswork handler " interview look, because competition is intense, 15000 pieces go up business annulus pressworks to had been accepted by operator.

Old love still is a new sweetheart

Think complete and comprehensive ground calculates clear China market to go up after all to equipment of cycle of industry of how many Taiwan businessman is in movement, it is impossible almost. Although can be in understanding to arrive from equipment business new the circumstance that purchases business annulus, but the existence of a large number of two mobile phones, greatly diluent the authenticity of these data.
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