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On August 12, 2008, heavy industry of 3 water chestnut (individual plant) ministry of career of paper, printing machine instrument (career minister and wooden slope Shi Sheng) held " the 10000th sheet piece paper printing machine leaves factory ceremony " .

What 3 water chestnut are versed in again is odd piece of paper printing machine from October 1962 machine of II of the 1st machine monochromatic " Super BYU " since consign Fu Guoyin is brushed, to 1971 add up to leaves factory 1000, to 1992 add up to left factory 5000, include to delivered the goods on August 14 this year (individual plant) the DIAMOND V3000LS-5 that essence of life starts a company inside, gross achieved 10000.

Of this printing machine purchase square ㈱ essence to promoted general manager of company black wood to attend the 10000th to leave factory ceremony, with Jiang Chuan much person attends director vise general manager and the relevant personnel that the 3 water chestnut that head with minister of career of paper of wooden slope trustee, printing machine instrument are versed in again, ceremony in Hiroshima county the paper of 3 former city, printing machine fetterses career ministry this shop office advancement goes.

The sheet of this company piece 10 years since paper printing machine is beginning production, the technology that used MARINONI company to offer was produced " ML series " , the technology that begins to use own development from 1967 produced DAIYA series, upgraded to use platen of active times diameter embossing, intermediate roll in the round 1978 next " platen distributed a line at 7 o'clock " MITSUBISHI D series, formed perfect unit type. Later, through the part to E series key of Chinese ink of newer, installation sets a system to wait beforehand, unifinication of Electromechanical of have the aid of advances automation, exchange the F series of device automatically at taking the lead in upgrading the product to install forme between course of study of person of the same trade 1988, came true to be updated to the part of G, H, what the autumn rolled out DIAMOND V3000 series again last year is newer upgrade type, up-to-date.

Its are as a result, these 10 years between leave factory the amount is occupied leave factory about 50% what total stage counts, and be opposite every year the sheet of 3 water chestnut piece the demand of paper printing machine increases in high speed. Additional, face leave factory abroadly a number also mushroom, leave factory a 3 times above before number achieves 10 years.

After afterwards of DIAMOND V3000 series rolled out basic model last year in September, on the Drupa2008 that the last ten-day of a month held this year in May, rolled out thickness to hold concurrently again those who use is bosseyed presswork Tandem Perfector of polychromatic machine, double-faced and special machine and contain those who return form of a favourable turn is bosseyed presswork, perfecting is brushed hold <> concurrently with machine, while firm ground enlarges breed series, also begin to leave factory batch produces model.
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