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-- visit president of Fu Chunyin Wu to hold general manager Luo Jianping concurrently

"Sunrise river spends Gong Shenghuo, if Chun Laijiang light green is blue " , showing those who be before is the Changjiang Delta picture with a picturesque bright and beautiful. Fu Chunyin Wu (FAP) go in green water of Fu Chunjiang bank of Cong Xiuli, green hill just about, the temperament that taking pure and fresh meaningful, halcyon cause far state of mind, taking the true love to Fu Chun career and the indefatigable pursuit to ideal, be like a day 20 years, harships travel at double speed, steadily before row.

From in former days small plant of villages and towns develops today's large omnibus presswork enterprise, cong Yong is fierce tenacious " army made up of the sons of the people " the team grows to devoted to for professional group of Fu Chun, cong Rui is developed idea innovation, actively build home of brand, build... meantime there's no one who doesn't or isn't is full of a variety of hardships, pungent, confused, excitement, feel pleased with and derive comfort from sth with happiness, and the heart road course of this dribs and drabs, be afraid the experience of president Luo Jianping of Fu Chunyin Wu is most only clear.

Fu Chunyin brushs president Luo Jianping

Fu Chunyin brushs president Luo Jianping

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Of the advisability with much with one action anthology

Fu Chunyin Wu (Fu Chun of the following abbreviation) the contact with Hai Debao equipment only then 1996, at that time, luo Jianping is gone to personally heart inspect equipment condition, from now on, fu Chun and the reason that knot of sea heart fort left to indissoluble. Begin from 1998, fu Chunbao is held with average and annual the speed of a machine introduces Hai Debao device, nowadays, offset press of their fort of heart of 11 Taiwan Straits is moving in stability. Mix before imprint the link after imprinting, hardware equipment of Hai Debao and software flow are having dominant effect likewise, divide from report, take a platoon to newfangled computer machine of direct plate making, from all over the sky astral software arrives imprint a system, arrive from paper cutting machine, folding machine the machine that lock up a line, luo Jianping very familiar with sth.

One of Wu of two great undertaking are to publish presswork, luo Jianping says: "We are run for what yield efficiently, high deployed Duotaihaidebao fast bully CD102 4 kinds of machine and bound line, the dominant position with tall, large crop suits automation degree particularly the production that this kind of in a popular style, dimensions turns. " another business is commerce pressworks, "We not only the flow that has top-ranking equipment, digitlization, still have the exercise standard of standardization, perfect service, from material craft, printer art to bound craft, we can be gone after on each detail perfect, the expectation that strives to invite a client becomes reality. " specialization to cater to commerce to presswork the requirement with individuation, of Fu Chun fast bully CD102 a group of planes included a double scene 4 machine, 4 lubricious machine and a 5 lubricious machine. "Date of delivery is very short, clothbound this 4-5 day, glue outfit has 2-3 day only originally, if do not have efficient flow and harmonious production, cannot answer so nervous cycle at all. " Luo Jianping expresses, be aimed at the characteristic of two afore-mentioned markets, fu Chuncai took different business and manufacturing management pattern, had resource in the respect such as form of standard of technical characteristic, quality, service as a whole arrangement and optimize configuration.
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