To edition process medium trouble removal reachs a note
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Printing down hind should have strong edition. If develop the developer solution temperature among edition machine,pass low, of strong edition machine rinse speed to pass again fast, develop time can shorten, develop will surely inadequate, forme can rush sordid. If developer solution chroma is insufficient, the time of compensatory developer solution is moved too longly again, forme also is met develop is inadequate.

The method that eliminates afore-mentioned breakdown is, check the temperature of developer solution and develop time, adjust reasonable data. When use developer solution, manufacturer home can provide the proportion of the recipe, want to be done according to scale. But can add sometimes a few thicker. Strong edition confidential is overhauled in time, change rubber roll, the crystallization on tube wall is reached in fixed clear washing trough.

Specific means is: Developing the loop in edition machine and effectively purify bilge to water with oxalic acid, at the same time the wool on the machine brushs roller to also want cleanness, be about necessarily to change. Be in additionally in eliminating dirty processing process, the operation is not careful, except dirty fluid dosage the insufficient, time that use liquid is short, except dirty note invalidation, after be being used except dirty fluid sere cause forme possibly on layout smudgy.

Going up low pH indicator was used in glue process part of the glue fluid, article that be not a graph produces oxidation phenomenon to be able to cause forme to rise dirty. The means of settlement of this kind of problem is: Except dirty note the lid answers to tighten after giving out; Layout is divided dirty hind want sufficient bath, on glue fluid concentration should increase when glue, glue is noted should even; Go up the forme after glue, presswork again after layout length is dry.