Presswork 6 kinds of of colophony edition plate making common breakdown and elim
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In recent years, because edition of colophony of water-solubility solid sensitization has plate making technology simple, cost it is low, free from contamination, good to deliver printing ink performance, be able to bear or endure imprint lead capable person of tall, edition cycle of light, plate making is short, can illuminate a system to form the advantage such as form a complete set with computer laser, get medium or small presswork the favour of manufacturer, replacing zincograph gradually.

Photosensitive colophony edition is with synthesizing high polymer material regards film as the agent, not saturated organic compound makes smooth cross-linking lotion, and the capable person of has sensitive property edition of relief printing plate that makes. Almost all photosensitive colophony edition are in light (basically be ultraviolet light) below illuminate, cross-linking of the generation between the element reacts, formed thereby have some to plant not the anaglyph of dissolve sex image. Photosensitive colophony edition can distribute the bodily form that it is solid and fluid bodily form from plate making craft 2 kinds. The solid body that by saturated sex sensitization colophony is combined and becomes series is prefab model edition material cost is higher, but, quality is better, can make commodity pack, plate of brand edition, reticle; The liquid that comprises by not saturated polyester colophony series besmears namely model edition material (photosensitive liquid is made up to undertake bottom radical make again when say simply even if be being used, besmear again next irrigate on colophony, sensitization and make) the price is lower, agree with coarser literal line edition. In solid sensitization colophony edition operates regular meeting of middling of plate making process actually to appear the problem of the following respects, have integration analysis only, distinction is treated, make a thorough investigation of the germ of the problem, ability solves a problem.

One, colophony edition character, line, design line is too meticulous, small, small character and independent point drop, fine line bends

In be made on colophony edition plate making, line of common He Xi bends and fine writing, independent point drops wait for a problem.

Main reason:

Time of exposure is not worth edition of L, colophony;

2, negative contrast is small, mist having ash, unsharpness;

3, roast colophony edition and hot solidify processing are undeserved;

4, the water when brushing colophony edition is warm low, rinse time to grow, brush hair excellent, brush edition is too deep;

5, go up machine the pressure when pressworking is too great, adjust not appropriate.

Means of settlement:

1, when making colophony edition, when encountering fine writing, line, design, independent dot, want to master correct time of exposure. The iodic gallium lamp of 3kw, time of exposure is 20min about, must compare normal edition lengthen time of exposure, such, station of ability of fine line, character, independent dot must live, do not fall off. Because time of exposure is long, control the side of colophony edition reticulation that come out and gradient is lesser (70 ° control) , graph article bottom base firm.
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