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Presswork in the job that the factory is basking in the edition that make PS, regular meeting of classics of printing down personnel encounters such problem: As a result of appoint imprint square requirement, or presswork the need of craft respect, with run from opposite directions so film is basked in make quarto edition, or it is 8 edition with former couplet edition (or 6 edition) film is basked in make 6 edition (or 4 edition) forme, requirement original film must not damage (edition of couplet of You Yishu skin, cover gives priority to this kind of circumstance) , how to encounter such problem to do?

The method that uses normally is to press groovy method to bask in a forme first, after develop ends, cream with long edition (or long edition fluid) the graph article with redundant pare off. But, because partial forme is couplet edition style, especially on the spot full edition or the edition that edition of graph Wen Man connects, cream with long edition (or long edition fluid) regular meeting of the classics when long edition appears to be eroded by liquid medicine the circumstance of useful part layout, affect the quality of forme, serious when easy create waste product. If useless part is repaired,repair not complete, can bring certain difficulty to printer foreword, e.g. : When pressworking, appear imprint taste scumming of place pulling an end, generation forme piles Chinese ink, rubber to pile the phenomenon such as Chinese ink, affected imprint tasted quality.

Be aimed at the real difficulty that exists in routine, we " consider " give a kind " repair opportunely edition " method.

1. By appoint imprint square or presswork craft requirement, by set dimension (hold mouth, custom to ask) have first time exposure to forme first, this operation must operate standardization strictly by printing down.

2. Undertaking forme the 2nd times exposure while, we are cut into parts by the dimension of the requirement again cut film red film, what cut the red film area that cuts into parts to should be more than the area of the demand part of forme a bit among them, have must cut into parts at the same time neat, into linear, and without red film burr. The attention checks place to whether have light leak spot with red film, if have,cannot use.

3. After first time exposure ends, get off original film, will beforehand the red film film that hold back has had covers the demand part in forme (useful place) , the Qi Bian of film of will red film is right the custom on neat forme (be like quadrature of original film random, need to press dimension to ask to devise good rule before first time exposure) use its both sides glue paper cement (in case the red film change on forme moves Fu) exposure of the vacuumize in putting printing down machine again next, the change that red film must note before exposure moves a circumstance to reach its to whether stay have " Bai Bian " . The L ~ that right now time of exposure can be first time time of exposure 2 times.
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