Individual experience communicates: Presswork cross of skill is defeated by pape
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Cent paper, give paper, air piece, double piece, crooked piece, this is odd 10 words that the printer of piece of paper offset press must face everyday.

Odd the head is defeated by paper of piece of paper offset press (fly amount to) main function is cent paper and give paper: Will pile up orderly sheet piece paper caboodle blows pine and depart of the suction nozzle that distribute paper to become sheet through paper piece, form continuous sheet with the suction nozzle that give paper through pressing a foot to air piece paper flows. Repass receives paper roller and press belt of paper annulus, line and line to take drum general this continuous sheet piece land of paper shedding level carries custom place to locate.

The sky in process of good cent paper is solved in this meantime key piece, double piece (contain many pieces, below slightly) ; The process that give paper (contain process is defeated by paper, below slightly) medium crooked piece. In the process that distribute paper crooked piece; The sky in the process that give paper piece, double Zhang Ye is met be readily solved.

Pneumatic lag double Zhang Duo

The pilot movement such as dynamoelectric, motor-driven, pneumatic exists in offset press. In these movements, dynamoelectric reaction is the sharpest, pneumatic is the slowest, and motor-driven is had periodic. Because pneumatic movement is to rely on unit time rate of air sucked in required to come pilot, it cannot place on a par with the speed of dynamoelectric, motor-driven. Cooperate to meet when low speed very good, but when high speed, pneumatic movements is relative motor-driven movement, the likelihood assumes lag position.

Exemple: The arithmetic that cistern turns on the water is inscribed. With the water of bulk, turn on the water pipe is thick, put time fast, and turn on the water tube is thin, put time slow. Manage together, the air cylinder of suction nozzle, tracheal bulk is same, open valve the biggest when, the time of paper of grip of hypothesis suction nozzle wants 0.1 seconds only, if involve gas a powerful person small in part, paper of grip of that suction nozzle is about 0.2 seconds. The size of adjustable valve, although can be reduced inspiratory, but oversight the response rate of suction nozzle (lag) .

Response rate is not seasonable, can form this to suck do not suck, offside is sucked, the phenomenon that sucks late, also be occurrence sky piece (synchronous breakdown) hidden trouble, also be to appear at the same time crooked piece hidden trouble, enrage a powerful person to jump over Guan Xiaoshuang at this moment piece more instead.

Suction nozzle itself has mechanical action (cam is controlled) move an action compatibly (the control that enrage a powerful person) . Mechanical movement has a range, exemple as above issues athletic 6mm. If should be in,come down paper of 4mm place grip, but close as a result of gas a powerful person small, the result is in ability grip paper to 5mm. At this moment the paper that paper plays loose orgnaization to be blown, already even ground waves to be in to 4mm, but suction nozzle comes down to do not have grip, the first, impaction of 2 pieces of paper, begin the ability after impaction of many pieces of paper to suck even.
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