Small doohickey: The dirty settlement since part of PS domain article skill
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Pressworking in the process, if encounter forme graph language is local case dirty, and cannot cream with long edition when reaching long edition fluid to have long edition, especially to grain of know how things stand and feel confident of handling them or the work that increase a net, my factory uses smudgy to forme on machine place to undertake the method of aggrandizement develop tries to solve, the effect is very good, specific means is as follows: Match the developer solution with one new cannikin, the chroma of developer solution should be decided according to the edition material of forme, want taller than the chroma when normal develop a bit commonly. Use benzine and water first forme rub-up, dip in with towel or absorbent cotton next a few developer solution, in forme smudgy place is wiped a few times gently, when waiting for clarity of forme graph article, use the developer solution on the towel rub-up printing plate that carries water quickly, dirty problem can be solved since, the person of the same trade mights as well try.

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