Skill strategy: PS edition craft is common breakdown and means of settlement
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One, the common problem in printing down and means of settlement

Say You Feilin of graph article site above all piece the correct operation that transfers PS edition:

What home uses generally is edition of open plan PS, this kind of forme is a sensitive fluid that has made up Tu Bu arrives on the aluminous edition that passes finishing, via heating dry form photosensitive layer, make besmear beforehand edition keep in storage is stand-by. The sensitive edition that there is besmear photosensitive layer when printing down and this world piece osculant exposure, the emulsion of part seeing light happens decompose, give off nitrogen, cause the craze of annulus, molecular structure produces recomposition, make indene ketone compound, encounter the aquatic acidification that become indene to close matter, via develop processing eliminate already saw the photosensitive layer of photolysis, be not sensitive area namely the graph article part of layout, be saved to come down, make presswork edition. We know, phenanthrene forest piece a contacting stand or fall with PS edition photosensitive layer is quality of influence printing down main factor, osculatory position is different, site change pattern is different also, the contact is good it is site adjustment the precondition of controlled move. Answer to accomplish medical film face strictly when the operation opposite, bleed joins closely, assure good move of fine of graph article site. But the situation that back of posture of medical film face still produces in production, as a result of piece base the scattering that ply can cause the light, site move is inhomogenous, its change is not controallable, answer to avoid strictly. In daily production, the question of this respect is more, following place are narrated.

1, image dizzy empty and blank ministry are sordid. Want to solve this one problem, the glass of printing down machine should keep clean above all. Want to use alcohol wipe up, two faces should brush positive and negative. The diaphaneity that come off work is insufficient, smooth penetrable quantity can be affected, bask in the edition that go out to be able to blur. If film edition material reachs vitreous edition to was not stuck cheek by jowl,tighten, also can cause bask in filter.

Sometimes one Zhang Pian radical is used long, there is the leftover size that a lot of adhesive plaster papers keep above, connect luminosity to be able to be affected, and make film and piece base stick so that do not have so close together, accordingly, piece base use for a long time be about to change. When makeup, if two image overlap, image is basked in as much disloyal. If cloth resembling a skin is used for a long time, can produce ageing, can have in place of a few brims a few flat, PS edition and humble forest piece can stick incompact, bask in the graph article that go out to also can send empty. If the machine is used time is longer, the vacuum that is about to check pump is spent enough still.
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