How does reconsideration master offset print " 3 smooth two small one balance "
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Offset print " 3 smooth two small one balance " master horizontal discretion to mirror an offset print directly the discretion of work skill level. Alleged " 3 smooth " the offset press that asks to debug namely must roll cylindrical shell smooth, roller is defeated by water makes the same score smooth, roller is defeated by Chinese ink; "Two small " it is finger mark brushs the chroma that Shui Dourong liquid uses in the process layout moisture is small, small; "One balance " it is finger mark the printing ink that brushs layout and moisture want a balance. When offset press runs, the axes between platen body must want parallel, at the same time platen system plane wants level; Axes of Chinese ink roller wants parallel, roller body wants level, the pressure between roller and roller wants even; Water roller axes wants parallel, roller body wants level, pressure wants between water roller and water roller even; Axes of platen body axes and Chinese ink roller, water roller should keep parallel, pressure is balanced and modest. The technical parameter that when leaving factory according to this machine, gives will wrap line gasket certainly, mild package line passes measure of dozen of technology of map of full a picture printed from an engraved or etched plate to adjust line of rubber platen bag even more level off, the error should be under 0.03mm.

One, of platen debug

Platen is the main body component of offset press, it is very important to be debugged to its.

Should decide platen center is apart from above all. Adjust platen center is apart from make the two platen axes of two adjacent parallel, this is a crucial job, must do fine had done, in this respect a bit more floriferous time is very worth while. Detect platen and feeler must be used when clearance rolling pillow or break dissolve silk (fuse) , patient and meticulous measurement determines a data, to be accomplished as far as possible some more accurate, can measure a few times more, measure a few place more. Measure platen and roll pillow two upright clearance must agree, make sure the axes between platen is parallel so. When measuring, be with embossing platen commonly fiducial.

The technical parameter data that leaves factory according to this offset press next will fix reasonable bag line. The substantially including line on rubber platen divides soft, neutral and rigid, different material has different soft strong character. Going up century 80 time, once wrapped line to cross an intense discussion in academic and aspirant travel to platen, one party says platen wraps the respective radius after line to should wait for diameter theory namely equally, diameter of cylinder of the rubber after other one party thinks platen includes line slightly small differ namely diameter is academic. Bilateral each sticks to his own view, each other does not let, argumentative focus pressworks namely compress be out of shape value (pressure) allocate an issue, i.e. λ value should be put on that platen. λ value and photograph of platen radius dimension compare the numerical value that is very little. But the diameter such as platen and differ diameter theory has a same point of view, in the locomotive process after asking platen includes line namely, 3 platen linear velocity just can imprint equally a good product.
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