Offset press of Hai Debao SM74 is common 3 breakdown analysis
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1. Zhou Xiang hits edition electric machinery not to work

The Zhou Xiang of SM74 offset press makes the trouble that aborning of edition electric machinery can appear to often do not work, and stand or fall, did not work thoroughly finally.

Trouble removal, hit Zhou Xiang edition electric machinery to be torn open from the machine, open the plastic shield of electric machinery, engine oil is more inside discovery. Twist the screw cap on carbon brush installing hole, pull carbon brush outwards, feel the resistance with have certain. Observe through carbon brush installing hole rectification child (commutator) inside accumulation has carbolic white. With benzine general commutate child carbolic pink of the surface is rinsed clean, clean the engine oil of carbon brush and surface of installing hole wall and carbolic pink clean, make carbon brush freelies in the motion inside installing hole. The job after reinstalling is regular.

Case study: Zhou Xiang hits installation of edition electric machinery to be inside transmission side shield, the engine oil that gush drenchs enters electric machinery interior along lead, the carbolic pink that once carbon brush is ground,falls and enter the engine oil inside carbon brush installing hole to encounter, increased the attrition power of carbon brush and installing hole wall, offsetted bedspring presses carbon brush to rectification child exterior force. As carbon brush wear away, make finally carbon brush and commutate child the surface breaks away from a contact, electric machinery cannot work. After cleaning, carbon brush falls in the action of bedspring with rectification child the surface is contacted adequately, return to normal naturally the job.

2. Water fights roller axis head and transmission gear axis to wear away

The water when SM74 offset press leaves factory fights roller and transmission gear connective to tighten what solid snail fasten chooses is galvanization bolt, is not commonly used stainless steel bolt. This bolt is used for a long time in damp environment, the surface is completely rustily, bring about water to fight roller axis head and join of transmission gear axis incompact, if cannot discover in time, water fights roller and metric force contrast axes is not parallel, volume giving water is not steady, the influence pressworks quality.

Trouble removal, water fights roller axis head and transmission gear to wear away the key of exterior rehabilitate is repair the axes of surface of this spare parts, inside the limits that makes the coaxial of its and axes of face of other industry tabulation spends an error to restore to permit.

Tell the part solution, clean, undertake to tatty surface solder fills. When treatment water fights roller axis head, first an external diameter is thick car 58mm, long those who be 30mm is cylindrical mold, 3 M6 screw is machined on end panel, 3 diameters that the position and water fight roller axis head to go up are the heavy aperture of 6.6mm to answer relatively. Get on mold outfit to lathe chuck, fine vehicle end panel and inside aperture, inside the treatment dimension of aperture and water fight other one aspect of the matter of roller axis head to did not wear away exterior dimension forms transition fit. water head of the axis that fight roller is loaded without tatty one aspect of the matter inside aperture, use bolt to tighten its solid to mold, the surface that fine vehicle solder fills comes requirement measure.
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