Analysis of market of domestic small offset press and science and technology dev
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Small offset press imprints quickly as short edition the backbone equipment of course of study, development rate is rapidder, it is limits of the market in manufacturing industry of Chinese printing machine tool wide, produce and sale measures big, technology to progress one of equipment breed with the fastest, the most intense competition. Of manufacturer home, of breed multifarious, presswork of adaptability strong, just mirrorred short edition to imprint quickly of the development of course of study driving.

Small-sized offset machine (abbreviation small offset press) of the market build with development, brush from affix an official seal of office, education above all begin, the product was entered government organization, school, enterprise or business unit, form presswork quickly the market. Duplicate in copycat especially since edition of ability in swimming comes out, small offset press gains the favour of the user with its quick, low cost, small lot, high quality. Dozen of number is resolved in small offset press, be defeated by paper to cross the bridge, before block compasses, side to pull compasses after raising overprint precision, its commerce is approbated with what road gets an user, then double color, muti_function printing machine, double-faced printing machine, polychromatic printing machine gets developing quickly. As small offset press to catenary of the industry after imprinting extend, machine of computer paper hole puncher, compound machine, paper cutting machine, gathering, bound machine, close put a batch of new products such as a machine to come out, equipment of this kind of economy pressworks in ticket card, computer paper pressworks, books and periodicals pressworks, example pressworks the play that the advantage of the respect gets dripping wet all comes.

Short edition imprints quickly the market analysis of equipment

1, give priority to with small offset press all sorts of pressworking the solution has fashioned seriation product, if chromatic commerce pressworks,card of ticket of type of solution, a group of planes pressworks plate making of solution, number pressworks solution, books and periodicals pressworks number of bound solution, individual character pressworks the solution. Above is a lot of in the solution, digital plate making pressworks the solution just starts, need as soon as possible industrialization, in order to satisfy the market demand of constant growth. Individual character number pressworks the concerned facility that the solution needs, home still cannot be produced, can count an import only inside period of time, the company that has actual strength should value this one potential market, increase strength to consider to be in printing machine of mechanism edition number and the core branch art that do not have edition number printing machine, roll out the product that has Chinese intellectual property at an early date.

2, competition of market of small offset press is quite intense, handle official bussiness especially the demand of print will show downtrend, the main reason of slow down in demand is machine of an organic whole, with computer connective copycat, printer and machine of digital ink-jet printing will become office black-and-white dictate, table small offset print has walked along trough. Standards of measurement of the largest sheet still has particular market for the equipment of 440mm, 470mm, prospect of sale of 500mm, 520mm is better, the product of 560mm norms also is about the enterprise in development.
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